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Rant n Shave – Jordan Fletcher

City Dweller Jordan Fletcher is back again, this time ranting & raving about Example, The Raid 2, The Decanter and hipster beards. We think he’s just jealous as he can barely grow bum fluff, never mind stubble.

Rant n Shave
Rant n Shave


Examples poxy new song

I first saw the video to ‘Kids Again’ on a Saturday morning cookery show, and assumed it was a joke; a novelty record to raise money for Children In Need perhaps. I was wrong. This peddler of watered down Calvin Harris type EDM gubbins has seriously put this out there as his latest single. What has he been taking?

Hipster beard craze

kittenYou can’t go into a bar or restaurant in and around town without bumping into a sea of sweaty hipster beards these days. The craze is now so out of hand that New York hipsters too late to catch on are willing to pay for ‘beard transplants’ just to keep in vogue. I also might add that it takes me a fortnight just to grow stubble softer than a new born kitten, so I couldn’t get involved if I wanted to.

The Big Reunion

Surely to warrant having a reunion, you need to have been popular at some point in time right? Wrong – this year’s line-up features an unknown girl band that would batter you down a dark alley, and a boy band scraped together from the depths of despair. Tune in on Thursdays and you’ll walk away feeling better about yourself.


The Raid 2: Berandal

In 2011, the tightly choreographed and jaw dropping fight sequences in The Raid had the entire cinema I attended on the edge of their seats. The online reviews from those lucky enough to catch the highly anticipated sequel at The Sundance Film Festival suggest the follow up is even better. Not only are the fight scenes apparently more elaborate, but The Raid 2 features the one thing its predecessor was missing. An ambitious plot. Berandal has been touted by some as the martial arts answer to the Godfather II. Find out for yourself from April 11.

The Decanter, Park Row

Some may argue that Leeds doesn’t need any more wine bars, but The Decanter is a brilliant little gem which may silence such people. The stylish interior allows you to instantly forget that this Park Row bar was a Johnson’s Dry Cleaners just a few months ago, and the drink selections are impressive; many of the wines on offer are unavailable anywhere else in Leeds.

Belgrave Music Hall

The rooftop beer garden could be the place to be in Leeds of summer 2014; if we get any sun of course. If it does chuck it down, fear not – go warm up inside with a gourmet pizza from permanent residents, the Dough Boys.

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