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A Review of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre at Leeds Grand Theatre

We sent our theatre expert Matt Jameson to the Leeds Grand Theatre to review Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre!

Prepare to be blown away with the stunning reimagined National Theatre’s production of Charlotte Bronte’s classic story Jane Eyre. Having not read or studied the book in school as a lot of people have, but knowing the story, I was completed intrigued to see how this new production would transfix an audience and engage on a prominent level. This was perfectly executed with style and energy from start to finish.

The story flowed effortlessly right from Janes birth, through her tormented childhood to the accomplished and strong independent woman she becomes. The set design and structure of the piece pulls you into the world they all inhabit, with some of the cast playing multiple characters adding to the strength of the performance. The use of contemporary music and movement throughout enlightens the emotion and connects with you as the audience, you are taken there in that moment with them every step of the way. I have to say I was overwhelmed with emotion myself totally drawn in to the heart wrenching narrative, a brilliant masterpiece of theatre.

Nadia Clifford as Jane Eyre is breath-taking, portraying the innocence and purity with exact precision. Every word is delivered with conviction and we are in the palm of her hand all the way. Alongside Tim Delap as Rochester, a man with a kind heart harbouring a dark secret what will destroy the entire course of all their lives. The Chemistry between these characters is electric as sparks fly when they are together. Melanie Marshall adds amazing musical talent as Bertha Mason, her hypnotic voice haunting the entire performance and our own hearts.

If you love the theatre then you cannot miss this, definitely one of the best pieces I’ve ever seen!

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