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Review: The Liquorist

City Dweller and socialite Hazel Latner heads down to Greek Street to try out The Liquorist’s Cocktail Masterclass.

The Leeds cocktail scene is flourishing and if anything, we are spoilt with the new and exciting bars opening all the time. Greek Street in particular has had an uplift in recent years. It felt at one point that revelers were busy elsewhere in the city, but I’d definitely say that it’s made a comeback.

The Liquorist, which you may remember as The Living Room, has experienced a complete revamp. It is still owned by the Stonegate Pub Company however the bar is now more stylish with a chilled out and fun atmosphere. I was lucky enough to experience the cocktail masterclass they had to offer with the excellent company of my boyfriend Ben and our best friends Hannah and James.

I should point out that I have taken part in my fair share of cocktail masterclasses over the years (so many that I could probably open up my own bar) and this one definitely was up there in my eyes! It was a very boozy, high spirited affair, excuse the pun there! On arrival we were sat at the bar and welcomed with a lovely glass of processo whilst we chatted and were able browse the menu to decide which cocktails we wanted to create.

Quite quickly Hannah and I knew that we wanted to make Porn Star Martinis, a Cosmopolitan and and Espresso Martini. Porn Star Martinis are amazing; what’s not to love about Vodka, Vanilla, Passion Fruit and a little extra shot of fizz? A cosmopolitan is a classic choice made popular by Sex in the City and an Espresso Martini is one of my absolute favourites. The boys kept it simple with the current cocktail trend of a classic Mojito and then one I hadn’t tried before, the Lychburg Lemonade. This cocktail was made with Jack Daniels, triple sec and lemon juice and was stunning and so refreshing. I’m not usually a massive fan of Jack Daniels but I would 100% order that again!

The focus here is on having fun and, obviously, drinking. A lot. For every cocktail we made, our lovely barman Ben made another to show exactly how it was done by a professional, meaning there was always something delicious to drink in arms reach, we even got treated to a round of Jägerbombs! Something I would say is that if you are booking, don’t make any plans for afterwards as chances are you won’t be sticking to them.

Something else that The Liquorist has to offer is on site magician Greg Holroyd! We found him very entertaining and we were impressed with the up close magic tricks he performed for us, even the cynic in our group, Hannah, couldn’t get to the bottom of his tricks! So if you see him about, definitely give him a bit of your time as I’m sure you’ll be impressed too!

Now after all the excitement of cocktails, shots and magic tricks we were then led to the restaurant area to soak up some of that alcohol with the buffet. There was a huge selection of sticky chicken fingers, mini sliders, chicken wings and fries which we very happily tucked into. The food was great and plenty to go around, certainly no corners were cut here!

Cocktails are a delicious but potentially expensive commodity, however if you come to Liquorist you can expect all of this for only £25.00 per person! This is great value for money and also a really entertaining night out with friends, I can see it being great for work functions, birthdays and hen do’s too. There is also an option to have either a 2 or 3 course meal afterwards but also if you don’t fancy the food at all and just want drinks it comes down to £20.00 per person so depending on the needs of your group, they can cater for all.

We all honestly had an amazing night. A massive thank you for having us, I will definitely be back for cocktails in the future. I think I have found another favourite venue in Leeds.tl

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