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Revolución De Cuba Review

City Dwellers George and Diane McKerracher head to Revolución De Cuba to get a taste of South America and to try out their new menu.

Rev-De-CubaLatin inspired food? Cocktails with Thursday lunch? Must be on holiday right? Well no actually, we’re right here in Leeds city centre. Diane and I dropped into Revolución de Cuba on a rainy Thursday to experience the Revolución and their revamped menu.

Helen welcomed us with a beaming smile and showed us to our table. The atmosphere and people of the restaurant set it apart and offer a laidback Caribbean mood. The Latin music, the Colours of Cuba everywhere, down to the glasses on the table, take your mind of a dreary afternoon in Leeds.

Meisha was our table host and with an even bigger smile than Helen, talked us through the new menu choices. Meisha clearly loves working here, knows every dish and helped us settle on staters. Cauliflower wings in a mojito batter with a creamy goats cheese and honey sauce for me and a Chicken Quesadilla for Diane.

“I could have all of these!” Di said and for a minute, I thought that was a challenge. Thankfully not, although she noted “Note to self, next time pick something George doesn’t like… I don’t really share food well!”

Both dishes were outstanding (and huge, easily enough to share) and went beautifully with the Caribbean Island Iced Tea cocktails Diane insisted we had. My normal Diet Coke tipple went on hold. Was it really only 13.30 on a Thursday afternoon?

Meisha again helped us understand the menu experience and explained that my Chicken Enchillada, marinated and covered in tomato sauce and cheese, may well lend itself to some Rum Sauce. But be careful, it has a kick.

revdecuba-Top Tip – take this dish with the Rice and Black Beans, they are a triumph. You won’t have room for the chips anyway. There’s enough for two, so I’m delighted to let Diane sample.

Diane went for the Aubergine & Artichoke Paella (get her) with aromatic rice, mushrooms and asparagus, topped with pico de gallo (it’s a sauce, i googled it!). As a vegetarian dish, this is delicious and wow, its a plate made for sharing… albeit Diane didn’t. Too good to share apparently.

Seriously, everything was delicious and having Meisha talk us through the choice of flavours made the difference. I’m sure though the other dishes are equally as good, we will find out soon.

rev-de-cuba-5With main dishes this size, even more generous than the starters! Is it really only £10.95 for two courses?

Chris, the Deputy Manager (also smiling, passionate and enthusiastic) explained that the change of menu had been well received so far. He expects great things as more people experience it. Count us in.

At this point, we took a breather from dessert and considered the Cocktail menu in detail. Although it was dark and stormy outside, a Miami Vice caught my eye and an Aperol Spritz for Diane kept us in the Cuban Mood. The Miami Vice brought back memories of Sonny Crocket and Ricardo Tubbs (older City Dwellers only!). A few more of these, I thought and i’ll be wearing my 90’s wardrobe again. Remember the white suits, sleeves rolled up, sunglasses…

The drinks menu, containing cocktails, spirits or beers, is impressive and if your favourite is not there, they’ll make it. You can’t eat here, sample the atmosphere and NOT Mojito your way through some fine Rums. So we did!

Back to the sweet; the Molten Chilli Chocolate, a salted caramel dish with a spicy chilli kick, topped with strawberries, bananas and raspberries, caught my eye. But, a confession, we were both so stuffed from the first two courses, we wimped out and went to coffee.

Diane grabbed the cocktail menu for her final choice.

“Oh dear, Mr Diet Coke is having an espresso” she said. “I guess I’ll have to wait for my Permanent Vacation?”

Dont tempt me, I thought.

Join the Revolución, at these prices for this quality its your duty.

See you there!
George and Diane

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