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Greetings! Liam and Isobel here; the enthusiastic, dynamic, decent brew loving property management duo in Leeds city centre….

Property management is a demanding and crucial part of the lettings business. We wear a lot of hats throughout any one day (none of which are designer much to our disappointment); from answering simple enquiry calls, liaising with tenants on repairs, organising contractors, handling renewals, arranging management visits, dealing with arrears, arranging move in’s/move outs to negotiating complex deposit returns. Property management is not for the faint hearted!

We thought we would bring you into our world a little and share a few property management secrets – ‘The big C’s’, namely; Communication, Co- Ordination, Client centred service, Confidence and (maybe most important ) Coffee/Cups of tea.

Know your property and your landlord; this is vital. Knowledge is power after all and the more knowledge and confidence you have in regard to each specific property, the more success you will have when it comes to maintaining a good relationship with the owner and tenant. It works trust us!

We understand that being dependable is crucial, landlords are trusting us with what is likely to be one of, if not the biggest asset they have. It’s important to respond to phone calls and e-mails in a timely manner.

A simple one liner is often enough to acknowledge someone. Trust within our business is key and makes your client feel confident that they can rely on not just your skills on a computer but your judgement – We are often their eyes and ears on the ground.

We have honed our skills to engage and empathise with tenants, landlords and applicants to a fine balance. Call and update. A dazzling personality says it all. We go the extra mile with a smile where we can. Ultimately people like people who are lovely, and admittedly we are lovely. We admit we can’t please everyone but our fan club is strong I am sure we have more than 12 followers on Instagram.

Property management is hard at times, there are a few ‘oh no’ moments and messing up time management is one of them. Don’t mess this one up. Don’t over promise and under deliver, or spread yourself too thin …. quality counts!

Letting tenants know about Property Visits, that’s certainly interesting and can cause some red faces! Knock louder!

Love your job, we both do, which is a key part of our success, along with having a fabulous team supporting us really helps. We’re both task masters and well, who better to entrust property management then to two very particular people?

We do take a sanity check from time to time with each other and mull over what Liam terms “the struggle is real” and the dulcet tone in response is… hmm I’ll pop the kettle on ey, tea or coffee?

Call us for further information on 01132457174.

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