6 Pack - Owlerton Stadium

St George’s Crypt Film Launch

St-george's-cryptStuff happens; it could be you. Imagine work dried up; no new projects and you lose your job?

Through no fault of your own, home life, wake up, no job, at Home, Stepping on each other’s toes. Your partner doesn’t want you anymore and kicks you out. Everything’s been fine then three buses come at once and you’re left bleeding by the side of the road. You might start looking for the Good Samaritan.

You’d be surprised how quickly homelessness can hit; three pay cheques and who’s paying the mortgage? The car? The credit card? The bank used to be your friend. ‘They lent last week, I’ll get a job soon and why can’t they tied me over?’ Not used to penny pinching and can you taste the difference? Bitter.
Homelessness doesn’t discriminate. If it came for you where would you go? What would you do? Who who would you turn to? Family and friends help but not indefinitely. ‘It won’t happen to me,’ but it just might; the homeless army’s conscripting.
St George’s Crypt already helps over 1,500 individuals a year get back on their feet. From all walks of life.

These films highlight the lives that our clients live. Devised through client workshops, forums and one-on-one conversations and distilled into two narratives we feel that they both give a true representation of the hardship faced in becoming homeless and the fact that it is not a choice, a lifestyle option; this is real.
We work on the premise that only with support can people move on from homelessness. Only with investment and love can people truly flourish once again.

We hope that you support our vision for this very real need. Place your trust in our ability to, with the help of some very strong partners, develop a safety net for you. For your children. For your children’s children. We dream of a truly compassionate city, caring for the most vulnerable; we hope you walk this vision with us.
We hope you enjoy the films.
12.30: Arrive and mingle
12.40: introduction – Andrew Omond, St George’s Crypt
12.45: ‘Nowhere’ – Film
12.50: talk from Crypt client about his journey through St George’s
1.10: ‘The High Tower’ – film
1.20: Close with CEO of the Crypt, Chris Fields

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