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Stress is one of the biggest reasons for workers to take time off from their job nowadays

Stress: Don’t Let it Rule Your Life

Stress is one of the biggest reasons for workers to take time off from their job nowadays, and health professionals are recognising how there need to be more resources to help manage stress and anxiety for people of all generations.

Whether you have been through something which has added pressure or stress to your life, or you’re just finding it difficult to juggle everything in your life, be assured that there are ways you can help yourself. Stress affects one in five people in the UK, losing around 105 million working days per year and costing employers a shocking £1.24 billion. And although Leeds is admittedly less stressful a city than London or Manchester, we sometimes can’t escape stress either.

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How to Recognise Stress

Stress can have a negative influence on us in many ways, affecting our physical, emotional and mental health. Symptoms of stress may include feeling overwhelmed by simple tasks, having unstable or irrational thoughts and emotions, feeling depressed or anxious, lack of energy and motivation, having problems sleeping, tension in the body, a change in libido, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, an unsettled or nervous stomach and foreboding feelings.

You may not have every single one of these symptoms but it is important to recognise just a few of them and to find something which helps you to relieve the stress – or have time out from it if it is ongoing. Whether you fancy a pamper session in Leeds or think about joining a local yoga class, there are many positive ways to beat stress.


5 Simple Ways to Help Beat Stress

Make Time for you

Often, people feel more stressed because they are not finding enough time for themselves to relax. Making time for yourself is very important, whether it’s having a 30-minute bath at the end of the day or meeting up with a friend for an hour, ‘me time’ is essential.

Be positive about the future

If your stress is circumstantial then you may find it difficult to feel positive and look to the future. But there are ways to deal with that Why not treat yourself to a psychic reading with a reputable company like TheCircle where genuine psychics can give you positive guidance for your future? Sharing your thoughts and concerns with friends can also help, as you’ll see first-hand that you are not alone in experiencing stress.

Release endorphins

Endorphins are natural hormones in the body which are released during exercise. Even if you have a busy schedule, finding just 20 minutes a day to do some exercise will release ‘feel good’ hormones which will have a positive influence on stress. A daily walk, some cardio exercise, going to the gym or swimming are all great stress relievers. Or you can just take a lovely walk along the Leeds canal or head to Golden Acre Park.

Relaxation time

If you find it difficult to switch off and relax, then it’s even more important for you to ‘learn’ how to relax again. Joining a yoga or pilates class will be very helpful in teaching your body and mind to switch off. Also, meditation and mindfulness can be very powerful in helping you to relax, relieving stress and anxiety.

Pamper time:

Why not treat yourself to a relaxing massage or reflexology session to ease the stressful tension? There are many treatments available at In Touch Massage & Holistic Therapies in Leeds, offered by trained and professional therapists. Whether you fancy Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage or Indian Head Massage, all holistic treatments aimed at reducing stress.

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Final Thought: Plan for the Future

It’s important to realise that if stress is circumstantial and more a temporary period that you are going through, things will get better. During the stressful period, make sure you are doing everything to help relieve the stress, making time for yourself and time to relax, helping you to switch off from it. Treat yourself to pamper sessions, join an exercise class or go for a daily power walk.

If your stress is long-term, then try and adjust things to minimise it; change your job if you are unhappy, plan to move house if you really want to change where you live, get organised with money if you’re worried about – do all the things that help you to feel more ‘in control’ of your life. Often, we give ourselves more stress because we get anxious and worry, feeling out of control of our lives. Worrying doesn’t help or change anything. Do anything and everything you can to feel more in control and look to a positive and happy future.

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