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Switching careers — 5 simple tips


Changing vocations can be daunting — especially when you’re a little more mature and have family commitments to consider.

But staying in the same job through force of habit, simply because you’re fearful of making the break, is a waste of vital time and energy.

If you want to switch careers without swearing at your boss and storming out of the office, these five simple tips will help you migrate in a mellow, yet effective manner.

  1. Volunteering

There are a couple of ways in which volunteering can lead to a new career path.

Firstly, an organisation which you already donate time and skills to might consider you for a full or part-time paid position or alternatively, you might dip your toes into an entirely new sector by working for a charity in your spare time before deciding if something similar might be a good vocational fit.

There are lots of projects to choose from, but volunteering with Emmaus Leeds is a good pick — they raise cash for homeless people by selling natty household goods.

  1. Sabbatical

If you have the financial wherewithal, a year-long sabbatical might be just what the doctor ordered.

Some progressive firms encourage staff to take these types of breaks rather than see them get so frustrated that they leave completely.

But if you know for sure you’re quitting and have the funds for 12 months away from salaried employment, it can be scheduled in for immediately after you serve your notice period.

Either way, don’t waste it — include travel and activities which provide a new perspective on life and work.

  1. Networking

Mixing with likeminded people might expose you to new job opportunities or connect you with future collaborators for an entrepreneurial project.

So finding business network meetings at Growth Yorkshire is a great idea as it offers the chance of a nibble and a natter in inspirational company.

After you push yourself to mingle the first time, your confidence will soar, and you’ll return for more.

  1. Convert hobby to career

You might already be doing your next jo without even realizing it — several business moguls have gone pro with their hobbies and built corporate empires fueled by passion and expertise.

For instance, if you’re a gym freak who loves to keep fit, becoming a PT and launching your own exercise brand could be on the cards.

  1. Online learning

Earning a formal higher education qualification remains one of the most reliable ways of either climbing the career ladder or migrating to a totally new line of work.

And when a course can be completed online, it fits flexibly around work and family duties with minimal disruption.

For example, studying with Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning can fast-track progression in industries as diverse as digital marketing and football coaching, with modules completed when convenient.

Follow these five simple career switch tips and banish boring jobs for life.

So ends our list, but please share your own career change tips in the comments section.

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