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Fitness Tips From John Lane

Great Britain Athlete and British Record Holder, John Lane is back again this month to give you his fitness tips to help you get the best out of your health and fitness. Enjoy this month’s tips! Sleep is Key The amount of sleep you get on average may dictate a lot more than just feeling tired when you wake up ...

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Killing the Fat with Sustain Nutrition

The guys from Sustain Nutrition are back again with more excellent advice for how to kill the fat! The most effective plan is one that you can stick to! If you are embarking on a new diet/eating regime and you cannot see yourself eating like that in 3, 6 or 12 months time then it’s probably not a good idea! ...

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Dr Jones is Answering Your Questions!

Dr Jones

Hi Dr, Could you please help put my mind at rest. I’m a thirty five year old women and I’ve recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. What advice could you offer to help me deal with this and how should I adapt my lifestyle? Dear Dweller, Without knowing more specific details such as your HbA1c level, BMI, blood results ...

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Swim Yourself Fit with Virgin Active

This month’s hot topic is swimming and this is what our swim coach at the club, Maged Kashef, has to say on the subject: Swimming is sometimes overlooked as an opportunity to get fit, which it shouldn’t be! It is in fact one of the best forms of exercise which uses virtually every muscle in the body. I recently taught ...

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Why not try out Aikido?


With so many ways to keep the family fit, we’re often spoilt for choice. But have you ever considered Aikido? Aikido is a martial art where the principal is to use someone’s strength and momentum against themselves. A modern Japanese art, Aikido is based on the ideas of religious and philosophical beliefs and has been hugely popular in Japan since ...

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Sleep… With Tom Daley!

In Tom Daley’s latest fitness video on YouTube, entitled ‘Sleep… With Tom Daley!’, Daley gives out an invaluable piece of advice! While often ignored, sleeping and resting well is such an important part of keeping fit. And who better than Tom Daley to tell you about it? Tom is an English diver and television personality. Daley specialises in the 10 ...

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