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Writing Someone Out of Your Will

Jessica Oliver is a trainee solicitor from Levi Solicitors LLP. Unlike the majority of the countries on the continent, one of the main principles of the law of England and Wales is testamentary freedom; that is, that you are free to leave your estate to whoever you choose, however you choose. In France for example, this principle does not exist ...

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Levi Solicitors: Deprivation of Assests

Jessica Oliver, trainee solicitor from Levi Solicitors LLP talks about the Deprivation of Assests. Last month we discussed care home funding and whether or not you have to pay it. If you missed it, you can find the full article here. This month we are discussing situations where a Local Authority (LA) alleges that an individual has sought to dispose ...

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Do I Have To Pay Care Home Fees?

Do I Have To Pay Care Home Fees? Whilst it is not the kind of topic which you may want to discuss, the unfortunate truth is that a significant number of people over 65 years old may end up in either a care home or being cared for in their home. The Current Scheme From 1st April 2015, if an ...

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