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Joanne Gregory: Thank you

Joanne Gregory

Hi everyone, How many times a day do you say “Thank you”? Quite a lot, I would imagine, when someone opens a door for you, moves out of the way to let you pass by or makes a cup of tea for you. After all, it’s good manners, isn’t it? However, some of the time we say it without thinking ...

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Joanne Gregory: Are you happy?

I have a question for you. Do you really want to be happy? You might think that is a silly question to ask you, however, in my experience very few people are really happy. We may experience fleeting bursts of happiness but often we are unable to sustain it and look for outside stimulus to recreate the feeling. If you ...

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Renewal and Rebirth

Hello Everyone, As we enter Spring our thoughts turn to renewal and rebirth. Birds are nesting and buds are beginning to burst through, bringing trees back to life. The miracle of nature presents itself for all to see. After a year of complete personal transition, looking out into my garden, I am reminded that we constantly have the opportunity to ...

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Joanne Gregory: Medium, Author & Visionary

Joanne has had the privilege of reading for thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life, all over the world. All her work is from recommendation and the majority of people she reads for make repeat bookings. Joanne’s reputation for accuracy, caring and her very strict confidentiality policy has brought her many celebrity clients from Hollywood, TV, Film ...

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