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No Rant, ALL Rave!

Having written for City Dweller for some time now, Fletch has gone all reflective and sentimental, stopped bitching for a month and taken a look back at some of the amazing things he’s done with us over the last 4.5 years (besides rinsing the likes of Apple and Justin Bieber in his column). Take it away… Conducted the shortest ever ...

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Rant n Rave with Fletch

Is Jordan going soft in his old age? We think last month’s holiday managed to help him relax a bit as he only has ONE rant this month! Really grumpy Jordan will be back next month for a good old Rant n Rave! RANT! Justin Bieber’s new song Just when you thought the cretinous superstar had been locked up for ...

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Rant n Rave: Palma de Mallorca Special

Having just returned from a much needed break in sunny Palma, Fletch appears to be somewhat refreshed with some positive things to say for a change. Well, mostly positive… RANT! San Miguel (and most commercial Spanish lagers) I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, San Miguel is possibly the most vile draught lager known to man. Tasting like ...

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Rant n Rave

With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, there’s a lot to be happy about in Leeds right now – unless you’re Fletch that is, who has still found plenty to rant about… RANT! Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 Having never even heard of Paul Blart or Mall Cop, my first thoughts were that this movie was ...

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Rant n Shave – Jordan Fletcher

Rant n Shave

City Dweller Jordan Fletcher is back again, this time ranting & raving about Example, The Raid 2, The Decanter and hipster beards. We think he’s just jealous as he can barely grow bum fluff, never mind stubble. RANT! Examples poxy new song I first saw the video to ‘Kids Again’ on a Saturday morning cookery show, and assumed it was ...

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Leeds City Dweller 84 – Property Special – Sports Fashion – Feathercoin – Chilli White Review

City Dweller Issue 84

Its that time of month again. City Dweller Time! Issue 84 is hot of the virtual press and available to download. This month we present a ‘Property Special’ with advice and personal stories.Craig Burton asks if it is a ‘workers heaven’ or ‘workers hell’? Men’s Fashion gets a touch of style from Leeds Rhinos and LUFC. James Steward looks behind ...

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Rant n Rave – Fletch tells it like it is!

Profile Image of Leeds City Magazines Fletch

RANT! Craft Beer overkill Don’t get me wrong, there are some great craft beers out there, but this market seems to be becoming far too overcrowded. For every great craft beer, there’s a hundred bad ones that taste like tar. Don’t think you can fool us by giving them ridiculous names and changing the colouring slightly. They still taste minging. ...

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