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Dress for Success: How to Wear Clothing with Confidence at Work

While everyone wants to enjoy self-confidence at work, it may often be a struggle to experience it. However, the clothing you wear can project confidence

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Christmas Conversations You MUST Have With Your Staff

Sue Ingram

Christmas is coming! Although it’s a time for celebration – work still exists and jobs still need to be done. Sue Ingram, from Converse Well, believes that as a manager there are some crucial communications that need to be made around expectations over the Christmas period. And this communication is a fine balancing act. Fail to communicate any expectations and ...

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A Stylish Corporate Event Space at Malmaison


Want a Stylish Corporate Event Space at Malmaison in Leeds? “Impressive!” The first and final word you want running through people’s minds when you’re running a meeting or an event. When it comes to event space and meeting rooms in Leeds, Malmaison is dressed to impress. With six stylish meeting rooms, space for up to 80 delegates and a rock ‘n’ ...

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Why Do We Work Too Much, Yet Live So Little?

Abi Fox Health and Fitness Blog

Work too much? Hello lovely readers… So I have just enjoyed a few days out In Ibiza visiting my boyfriend, my true love. He is the calmest, most positive person I know with such an incredible energy. It’s not any wonder seeing as though he has lived out in Ibiza for seven years. Does he work too much? It is ...

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