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For those few in the minority who haven’t been watching this season of the apprentice we interview Leeds business woman and entrepreneur Sian Marie Gabbidon to find out a little more about what motivates her.

Can you tell us about you and your company?

I’m a Leeds girl, born and bred & I’ve always loved all things fashion! I studied it at both college and university then after leaving I started making clothes in my bedroom. I soon turned a hobby into a business and i’m now the proud owner of SWIM By Sian – making pool party pieces for girls who love to make a statement!

How are you finding the apprentice?

Absolutely loving being on the show, it’s a complete whirlwind of emotions and the tasks are challenging but i’ve had so much local support its amazing! More determined than ever to get to the final and bring it home for the North. Is there one or More other contestants you got on with more than the others and why?

My plan was to go into the process and avoid making friends – I didn’t want to lose focus of the prize as to win the £250k would be life changing! But living in a house with the candidates obviously means you grow closer to some people more than others.. all i’ll say is they’re definitely people who are way harder to work with than others!

You seem a natural on TV do you have any plans to do any other shows?

Thank you, although I must say its cringe to watch at times haha. My plans are to keep building my business, I spend all day everyday focussed on building the brand so unless the show would help with that – its a no on that one!

If you could take 3 famous people dead or alive out in Leeds for one night out who would you take and why?

hmmm i’d take… Michael Jackson for the dance moves,  Kylie Jenner for the Insta selfies & Cardi B because she’s killing it right now! I’d take them for Rum & Reggae Brunch @Rum&Reason of course.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Persist… Nothing will happen over night, but if you believe in yourself and your product and put the hours in you can make it work! for more inspo & advice also take a look at my blog page.

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