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The Future of Mascara

Rachel McAlley
Rachel McAlley

If I could only take a single beauty or makeup item onto a desert island I know that it would almost certainly be mascara. Why mascara though, when there’s everything else to choose from in the world of makeup and beauty? Simply, because it makes me feel alive, it brightens my face, and it gives me a little lift, which is what I need most days.

We can see that over the years mascara has developed from a splodgy bit of sticky wet black stuff into what it is today. Looking online it seemingly was mentioned as far back as the 15th Century when ‘Mascaro’ was talked about as a black watery substance! Moving forward from the 15th Century to the 19th Century, when it was described as ‘a kind of paint for the eyebrows and eyelashes used by actors’!

Today we definitely like using mascara to darken, define, thicken, lengthen, volumise and even sparkle our lashes. And I can’t live without it.

I have a couple of stand out favourites of the moment (both are very different from each other) and they include Illamasqua Masquara Gain and Benecos Vegan Volume Natural Mascara.

Masquara Gain from the Metamorph collection celebrates the evolution of nature. It volumises, lengthens and defines lashes with their innovative colour building mascara. It contains an active derived from walnut, which acts as a natural dye extract, Masquara Gain’s jet black formula gently and progressively tints lashes to provide improved colour intensity after just 2 weeks, even when lashes are bare.

Priced at £20 and available from the Leeds Illamasqua store in the Victoria Quarter, or online at www.illamasqua.com

The Vegan Volume Natural Mascara in Magic Black offers volume for lashes and is available in a deep dark black shade. This mascara is a must-have make-up bag essential and is a handy size. It comes with a volume enhancing wand, providing eyelashes with all the extra dazzle they need, without any form of sticking or clumping. And, for those that have sensitive eyes this mascara is perfectly suitable.

Priced at £7.95 and available from selected independent chemists or via a number of online platforms including www.pravera.co.uk or www.ecco-verde.co.uk plus many more online sites.

But, what of the future of mascara? Will it stay more or less the same as it has since the 15th Century (granted it’s far better these days and involves ingredients that aren’t going to damage your eyes), or will it change so dramatically that we can’t even remember the days of a mascara wand? Who knows? Until such time, I’m going to stick with my faves and hope that they still keep my eyes looking fresh and alive.

I’d like to thank Illamasqua for sending a sample of Masquara Gain to try.

Ciao for now
Rachel McAlley

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