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Thriller Live Review


We sent Matthew Jameson to check out Thriller Live at the Leeds Grand Theatre.

Climb on board the thrill ride of your life as Thriller Live explodes onto the stage celebrating the lifelong music of the king of pop Michael Jackson. Celebrating its sixth year in the West End this extravaganza of a show lands in Leeds and does not disappoint in any way. Growing up with Michael Jacksons music is somewhat of a rite of passage and I remember dancing around my parents living room pretending to be the Man in the Mirror, I bet I wasn’t the only one! The world was devastated at his untimely death in 2009 and what better way to remember his musical genius than in this magical production bringing every unique song to life. From the early days with Jackson 5, ABC and I Want You Back, we are taken through the decades on an incredible journey, every song performed is a spectacle taking you right back to the moment you first heard the unmistakable melody.

Hats off to the fantastic lead singers, their vocals are out of this world and truly showcase the resonating sound of Michael Jackson. Britt Quentin, Shaquille Hemmans, Rory Taylor and Victoria Pasion come together in perfect harmony and deliver the songs we know and love to an extraordinary level, sending goose bumps and tears instantaneously through the emotion. My favourite, as you know, Man in the Mirror, gets me every time! Sean Christopher dons the white glove to perform as the king of pop himself, busting the signature moves effortlessly as if MJ were really there. All the cast are phenomenal providing amazing backup vocals and dance numbers to knock your socks off. I waited for the iconic Thriller and was blown away with the perfect sound and choreography, fright night treat! For all you fans out there, Thriller Live is awesome, do not miss out!

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