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Turn your spare room into a home sauna

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Do you by any chance have a spare room in your house? If the answer is yes, you can consider yourself fortunate. You can use the bedroom for many things, from dedicating the space to friends and family staying over to converting it into a sauna. Speaking of which, saunas are incredibly healthy. Spending time in the sauna benefits blood circulation, helps with detoxification, and supports weight loss. Saunas have been used for many years and they are still popular today, especially in the United Kingdom. You will want to consider adding a sauna to your home. It is not a considerable expenditure, not to say that, once it is finished, the sauna will add value to your property. It is an investment worth making. If the thought of having your own sauna is tempting, please continue reading to find out what needs to be done. Building a sauna in the home is not impossible.

Insulate the room for low operating costs


A sauna can be as small as a 5×5 room. Small spaces like closets and bathrooms can be successfully transformed into places for wellbeing and relaxation. Your sauna will be located in a spot that can be well insulated and protected against moisture and damage. Insulation is a very important step and it should never be skipped. Not only does insulation save energy, but also it indirectly saves you money and boosts the lifespan of the product. If you are installing insulating material from scratch, it is a good idea to avoid fiberglass. Fiberglass insulation is difficult to work with. It eliminates toxic glass splinters and you need to protect your skin. Choose an environmentally friendly alternative, such as cotton insulation. This is not something that you can make yourself, as cotton insulation has to be treated to become flame-retardant, but that does not mean that it is not a good choice. Find an insulation distributor that carries it. The insulation will ensure a sound barrier as well, so you can enjoy full relaxation.

Figure out how much wood panelling you will need


Panelling can be ornate. After all, it does serve decorative purposes. Wood panellingis an excellent choice for residential saunas because it enhances the look of the room and it is highly durable. It lasts for years and years, as long as it is properly taken care of. What is more, you are able to change the colour any time you like. Determine how much material you will need to panel the sauna room. Consider the square feet of the room and subtract the windows, doors, and add for trim. When it comes down to material quantities, it is always best to check the math. You can begin installing the wood panellingon one side of the ceiling and move across the ceiling until everything is covered. Continue installing boards until all of the insulated walls are covered. The outcome does not need to be perfect. If there happen to be any gaps, you can fill them with trim pieces.

Select a sauna for your space and install it

Acquiring a sauna has never been so easy, as specified by 1st Direct Pools. The best way to get started isdeciding if you want a traditional sauna or an infrared one. Infrared saunas are relatively new, coming to life in the 1960s. As opposed to the conventional sauna, the infrared sauna does not heat the air within the room. It deploys infrared lamps to warm your body. The heat penetrates the human body without much difficulty, the result isthat your body is heated before the air. A fully-functioning cabin will ensure complete relaxation. You can adjust the temperature and humidity. Purchase a sauna and take advantage of the great benefits. You will immediately see that the sauna cabin is capable of adjusting to small spaces and creates the impression of a bigger place. If you prefer a traditional sauna, you will have to get a heater to warm the air. There are special sauna heaters. All appliances come with instructions and a template detailing how the heater should be placed on the floor.

Do not forget about ventilation

The pressure from inside the sauna room is different from that outside, meaning that a reverse flow can occur. Air from the outside comes inside. Since you will want to put a stop to penetrations, it is necessary to vent the sauna room. Some of the vapourwill be absorbed by the wood, but the steam should exit through the vent. When it comes down to the planning process, many people forget about ventilation. They ignore the fact that it is essential to have fresh air. Ideally, the location of the vents is decided from the get-go. The reason for this is that the vents affect the layout of the entire room. Two vents are enough. Similar to a traditional sauna, an infrared sauna has to be vented. Ventilation guarantees the properflow of the heat through the room. You can make a small gap in the wall or under the door. Give thought to the installation of vents.

Final words

You do not need a lot in order to have your own sauna. You have to choose a place where you feel comfortable, make proper plans, and get to work. There is no reason to go to the gym when you can enjoy relaxation in the comfort of your home. Sitting in high temperatures will enhance the health of your heart and even help you let go of tension and stress. If you are going to have an in-home sauna, you might as well have a modern one. Taking care of your heaven is not difficult at all. It is almost like maintaining a swimming pool. You can preserve the original properties of the wood by applying a stain. Vacuum the interior every now and then and make sure to sand the benches. It does not matter what type of space you have. You can install a sauna in any room of the house.


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