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What’s On at the Everyman Cinema!

Jurrasic World
Jurrasic World

Summer Blockbusters at the Everyman Cinema

Everyman Cinema in Trinity Leeds offers a truly unique experience;  part of an independent network of boutique cinemas Everyman Leeds demonstrates a passion for quality, from service of food and drink to seating and films. Everyman Leeds has a standalone restaurant called Forzza serving sublime hand pulled pizza and delicious burgers, and a large and contemporary bar with ‘living’ space and a fantastic terrace which is perfect for warm summer days. Roman Polanski once remarked that “Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theatre”, Everyman Leeds does just that. The Cinema creates a truly memorable experience that exceeds expectations and reaches the highest standards possible in comfort and entertainment!

Here’s a round up of the years biggest summer blockbusters! All dates are general release dates, please check the Everyman Cinema Website for specific times and dates.

Jurassic World

Visitors at the Jurassic World theme park run for their lives when the genetically engineered Indominus Rex and other dinosaurs go on a rampage.
STARS: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard & Ty Simpkins

Minions at Everyman Cinema

Terminator Genisys

When John Connor, leader of the human resistance against Skynet, sends Kyle Reese back to 1984 to protect his mother, Sarah (Emilia Clarke), from a Terminator assassin, an unexpected turn of events creates an altered timeline.
STARS: Arnold Schwarzenegger & Emilia Clarke


Evolving from single-celled yellow organisms at the dawn of time, Minions live to serve, but find themselves working for a continual series of unsuccessful masters, from T. Rex to Napoleon. Without a master to grovel for, the Minions fall into a deep depression.
STARS: Sandra Bullock, Michael Keaton & Steve Coogan


Aliens intercept video feeds of classic arcade games and misinterpret them as a declaration of war, they attack Earth. President Will Cooper recruits his childhood pal,  installer Sam Brenner to lead a team of old-school arcade players to save the planet.
STARS: Adam Sandler, Peter Dinklage & Kevin James

Mission Impossible

Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four


Blamed for a terrorist attack on the Kremlin, Ethan Hunt & the entire IMF agency are disavowed by the U.S. government, while the president initiates the Ghost Protocol. Forced to go “off the grid”  Hunt must somehow clear the agency’s name and prevent another attack.
STARS: Tom Cruise & Simon Pegg

Fantastic Four

Four young outsiders teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe which alters their physical form in shocking ways. The four must learn to harness their new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.
STARS: Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B Jordan & Jamie Bell


Opening Times:    10am till Late
Website:     http://www.everymancinema.com/venues/leeds/
Telephone:    0113 244 5393
Address:        Level 4, Trinity Leeds, Albion Street, Leeds, LS1 5AY
Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/EverymanCinemas
Twitter:        https://twitter.com/everymancinema

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