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Will HS2 benefit the city of Leeds?

Learning from the Crossrail Project: How The HS2 Station benefit The City Of Leeds

Even if you are not an avid reader of the news in the UK, you will most probably have heard about the ground-breaking crossrail project in London. This has seen a crossrail track built between eastern and western suburbs in and around the capital, connecting Reading to Shenfield and reducing the time taken to commute to the capital.

The Crossrail project has achieved so much more than this, however, creating thousands of job opportunities and driving further regeneration in regions such as Whitechapel. It is also expected to add considerable value to homes in regions that will benefit directly from the construction of the crossrail, with the aforementioned Whitechapel expected to see property prices increase by an estimated 54% over the course of the next five years.

The Influence of Crossrail: Introducing the HS2 Station and Rail Network

Above all else, the Crossrail Project has influenced similar bursts of regeneration throughout the UK. The best example of this is the recently designed HS2 rail station and transportation network, which connects various regions in the north and south of Britain (including the capital). There are a number of cities and towns that have benefitted from this, while the project has also broken new ground by breaking down many of the logistic and economic barrier that have historically segregated Northern towns.

Leeds is one of the cities that will benefit the most from the construction of a HS2 rail station, thanks to the development of a fast-connector route to Manchester. This represents the first stage of the HS2 project, and while it traverses just 40 miles it will revolutionise commuting across the Pennines. Not only will it halve the time required to travel between Leeds and Manchester, but it will also draw the rail systems and economies of these Northern powerhouses closer together.

In this respect, Leeds is a central cog in the HS2 project. Its residents will also be able to benefit when commuting to other areas in the north of the UK, as the new network will reduce travelling times to Hull, York, Newcastle, Liverpool, Wigan, Preston and Bolton by an estimated 30 minutes. With further stations and routes being plotted in Bradford and Sheffield, the city of Leeds will become economically and logistically stronger in the years to come.

A Crossrail for the North: Changing times in British transport

When openpropertygroup.com designed ‘Crossrail 2019: A High Speed Travel Changing Times’, they offered a unique insight into the future of British transport. The development of the HS2 network will be just as impactful in the north, however, creating a larger-scale iteration of the traditional Crossrail project and helping to unite disparate northern communities in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Northumberland.

Crossrail Infographic of HS2

The design of the HS2 has been perfectly timed, with UK Chancellor George Osborne committed to reinvigorating the economy in the north and creating region powerhouses based on industry, labour and manufacturing. If these plans will come to fruition, cities such as Leeds will re-emerge as economic powerhouses that can carry the UK towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

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