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Writing for Mindfulness



In a world of smart phones and tablets, luxury gift emporium Pen Heaven is championing our dear old companions, the pen and notebook, for a stress-free and mindful year.


Celebrating the art of all things handwritten, Pen Heaven proposes that there is no better way to reconnect with your inner wisdom, than through jotting down your thoughts and journaling.


It appears that writing and mindfulness go hand in hand when it comes to stress relief and mental clarity – both present the opportunity to clear the mind of thoughts and worries. Many studies have shown that just a few minutes of handwriting a day can be an effective way of helping you unwind, making it the perfect preparation for any meditation and an excellent way to unleash your creativity and innermost desires. Whether you are scribbling a love note to someone special or simply writing a shopping list, writing by hand gets the creative juices flowing and helps your brain remember key facts and information.


Stimulating your mind by writing, as opposed to using technology, can also help you organise your mind, whilst striking off tasks from a physical to-do-list may give a more gratifying feeling than simply deleting them on your computer.


Helping you to write for mindfulness, Pen Heaven presents these top tips to ensure you get the very most (and best) from your new daily cursive routine.


  1. Bring your heart into your writing, not just your mind, to help your words hold more substance
  2. To achieve a zen-like state, completely immerse yourself in your writing – that means taking yourself away from any distractions, such as your phone, tablet, internet…
  3. Allow your mind and text full freedom by writing EVERYTHING first, then edit later
  4. Relax, collect your thoughts, then write them all down in a personal manner that is easy to remember and refer to at a later stage
  5. Make a to-do list every morning and every evening tick completed tasks, whilst prioritising new ones for the following day – this will help you sleep better
  6. Take at least 10 minutes EVERY day to write down your thoughts


Must-have products


Filofax The Original A5 Organiser, £76.50


Everyone’s favourite 80’s design is back! Multifunctional and so on-trend in this Pillarbox Red, the Filofax The Original A5 Organiserhas it all. With enough space for a diary, note section, storing cards and more, this is one item you won’t want to leave the house without.


Cross Classic Century Brushed Chrome Fountain Pen, £55



An old style revisited for 2019, the Cross Classic Century was first conceived in 1946 and serves to this day as an icon for mid-century design. Sleek and lightweight, the brushed chrome finish adds a modern edge without compromising the smooth writing experience.

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