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If You’re Happy And You Know It

Happy!  Its hard to know you’re happy… until you’re not.

I definitely lost ‘the happy’ at the beginning of this year. Life got hard!

Then I was made redundant and although that should have been the unhappy bit, it was actually the start of me finding a lot of ‘happy’.

Along with being made redundant the other great source of ‘the happy’ was my niece coming into the world.

One look at that face and I get an instant boost of ‘the happy’.

She lives two hours away though and has a lot of sleeping, playing and generally being cute to do so I cant expect her to be at my beckon call!

I took the time whilst not working to think about how to be ‘happy’ and the results surprised me.

Happy - NEOM Organics
Happy – NEOM Organics

Expensive things, grand gestures and cake make me smile but they are not the source of my happy.

I am a messy person, hugely messy, I can make mess anywhere! DO you know what makes me happy….being tidy! I know, the irony! Having a tidy home, organised wardrobe, cupboards and drawers makes me happy. I can get this feeling for free admittedly, however I do like to throw money at a situation therefore a lovely cleaner and some new storage have given me my base layer of happy!

In thinking about how to get happy I started reading the NEOM organics blogs about mindfulness, being kind to myself and how to find happiness and you know what they are wonderful. Intelligent, grounded, stylish and simple.

Happy - NEOM Organics
Happy – NEOM Organics

Anyone that knows me or has ever read anything I have written will guess the next bit….yes I then did some shopping. NEOM have a wonderful range called HAPPY and it does just what it says on the tin! The soothing yet invigorating scent of Spring – white neroli, mimosa and lemon combined with fresh grass notes – relaxes me, helps me shed any unnecessary worries and gives me an uplifted, positive state of mind.

It is also a very HAPPY coincidence that they currently have a gold plated version of the wonderful candle designed in collaboration with the designer Jenny Packham……everytime I look at it twinkling on the table in the hallway I laugh to myself….it’s a little daily reminder of how important it is to know what makes you HAPPY – shiny things that smell nice with a big dollop of fashion on the side….oh yeah and to be mindful and kind to myself!


To find out more about NEOM organics visit www.neomorganics.com

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