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Theatre Review: The Jersey Boys


Four guys, four stories and one unforgettable musical! Rock and Roll old school hits The Grand theatre in Leeds reliving the incredible journey of the Four Seasons in Jersey Boys. As this spectacular theatre celebrates 140 years providing entertainment to the people of Leeds what better way to mark the occasion than with history in the making! Witness the story of four ordinary men from Jersey who became an extraordinary pop group, creating the soundtrack to an entire generation. The details of their lives have never been told on stage before until now and this truly gives an intimate portrayal from the very inception to the top of the charts.

Tommy DeVito (Peter Nash) is putting together a band with his sidekick Nick Massi (Karl James Wilson) but keeping out of trouble for them both seems impossible. Then a chance meeting with a young impressionable boy Frankie Valli (Michael Watson) changes everything. With a voice like an angel and manor of a Soprano it doesn’t take long for more trouble to follow in more ways than one. New member to the band Bob Gaudio (James Winter) injects a new sound and collaborative writing with Frankie seeing the four come together as the iconic Four Seasons, the rest is history!

Not knowing much about their beginnings, I was amazed with the initial struggle but then uplifted by the friendships which however stretched, always came through in the end. The whole production sparkles with class and instantly reminisces with the time, everybody feels emotion hearing the songs. Who doesn’t remember Oh What a Night and the fun they had, and with more recent reincarnations of their melodic triumphs like Beggin’, prove they will never go out of fashion.

Brilliant performances from all with fantastic sounds and storytelling at its best, crying and laughing at the same time. Michael Watson as Frankie is outstanding, hitting the highest of heights with the notes, actually flawless. Peter Nash as Tommy gives a strong stance as the big man with a heart in there somewhere, great comedy moments and delivers with ease. They all come together perfectly making this a slice of American history we’ll never forget and never stop dancing.

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