jersey boys musical

Experience the captivating story of four ordinary guys from Jersey who became an extraordinary pop group, creating the soundtrack to a generation. The Leeds Grand Theatre hosts the unforgettable musical, Jersey Boys, as it celebrates 140 years of providing entertainment to the people of Leeds.

From the Beginning to the Top of the Charts

Tommy DeVito (Peter Nash) and his sidekick, Nick Massi (Karl James Wilson), embark on their musical journey, though trouble seems to follow them at every turn. A chance meeting with a young, impressionable Frankie Valli (Michael Watson) forever changes their lives. Frankie’s angelic voice and unique demeanor attract more challenges, but also open the doors for new opportunities. When Bob Gaudio (James Winter) joins the band, he injects a fresh sound and brings collaborative writing with Frankie, leading the four to come together as the iconic Four Seasons.

Struggles, Friendships, and Timeless Music

The musical tells the story of the initial struggles, friendships, and the eventual success of the Four Seasons. The production shines with class and evokes nostalgia for the memorable songs they created. From “Oh What a Night” to the more recent reincarnation of their melodic triumphs like “Beggin'”, their music remains timeless.

The performances are outstanding, with Michael Watson’s portrayal of Frankie Valli being flawless, hitting the highest notes with ease. Peter Nash’s Tommy DeVito offers a strong presence with a hidden heart and great comedic timing. The perfect blend of emotions, laughter, and storytelling makes this American musical history unforgettable and keeps the audience dancing.

A Celebration of Music and History

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness history in the making at the Leeds Grand Theatre. Jersey Boys offers an intimate portrayal of the Four Seasons’ journey from inception to chart-topping success. With brilliant performances and timeless music, this musical is a celebration of friendship, perseverance, and the enduring power of the Four Seasons’ incredible sound.

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