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In 2024, Leeds is set to welcome an array of new establishments, including the expansion of wine shop Latitude, the revival of Indian restaurant Shabab, and the arrival of Taiwanese bubble tea and bao bun spot Boba & Bao. Other notable openings include Premier Inn at Kirkgate Market, Carousel social gaming and nightlife venue, Home Nightclub, Nike Rise sports retail store, and Zara’s three-story fashion superstore. These exciting additions showcase Leeds’ thriving culture and innovation, making it a vibrant city that never stands still.

What new establishments are opening in Leeds in 2024?

  • Latitude: A wine shop expansion with a new bar offering wines, cocktails, and snacks at 46 The Calls.
  • Shabab: A revival of the beloved Indian restaurant at the former Wolfox cafe location.
  • Boba & Bao: Taiwanese bubble tea and bao buns coming to Station Road in Horsforth.
  • Premier Inn: A new apart-hotel with commercial units next to Leeds Kirkgate Market.
  • Carousel: A social gaming and nightlife venue at The Light.
  • Home Nightclub: A multi-room venue with DJs and advanced sound systems.
  • Nike Rise: A cutting-edge sports retail store in Trinity Leeds.
  • Zara: A three-story fashion superstore in the old Trinity Leeds Topshop.

The vibrant city of Leeds is set to welcome an array of new venues in 2024. From gastronomic delights to boutique shopping experiences, the city continues to thrive as a hub for innovation and culture. Here is a glimpse into the future as Leeds prepares to open its doors to these promising new establishments.

Culinary Expansions on The Horizon

Latitude: A New Chapter for Wine Lovers

One of Leeds’ most cherished bottle shops, Latitude, will soon expand its reach. Since 2008, they’ve been a go-to source for quality wines and spirits. In 2024, they are making a significant move to 46 The Calls, which offers a space triple the size of their current premises. This expansion isn’t just about retail; a new bar will feature wines by the glass, expertly crafted cocktails, and a selection of cheese and charcuterie to complement the drinks. Anticipate the grand opening of what could become Leeds’ next wine paradise.

Shabab: The Spice Rekindles

Wellington Street is about to get spicier with the return of Shabab. This beloved Indian restaurant, once a staple near Leeds Train Station, will revive its rich flavors in the former Wolfox cafe location. Fans of Asian cuisine can rejoice as Shabab promises to deliver its legacy of aromatic dishes to the heart of the city. Keep an eye out for this culinary resurrection that’s set to reignite the spice trail in Leeds.

Boba & Bao: A Taste of Asia in Horsforth

Boba & Bao’s upcoming Station Road entrance will bring a slice of Asia to Horsforth. Their Taiwanese bubble tea, with its signature tapioca pearls, is poised to be a hit. Bao buns with an assortment of fillings offer a perfect quick-bite option, conveniently situated near Horsforth Station for commuters and locals alike. Mark the calendar for the Wednesday, 3rd January 2024, opening of this exciting new spot.

Hospitality and Entertainment Ventures

Premier Inn at Kirkgate Market: Accommodation Meets Commerce

Plans for a new Premier Inn hotel have been approved, set to occupy the former shop units adjacent to Leeds Kirkgate Market. This 136-bedroom apart-hotel will not only offer a place of rest but will also introduce nine ground-floor commercial units for shoppers and food enthusiasts. This development is expected to create a seamless connection between Victoria Gate and the market, enhancing the area’s accessibility.

Carousel: A New Spin on Nightlife

The nightlife scene in Leeds is about to get a refreshing boost with Carousel. Slated to open in the former Tiger Tiger and Cargo unit at The Light, Carousel will combine social gaming with dining and drinking. Expect a range of arcade classics, interactive darts, and board games, accompanied by live music and DJ sets on weekends. This multipurpose venue is set to become a night-time favorite.

Home Nightclub: A New Dawn for Leeds’ Night Owls

Joining Carousel in transforming the nightlife landscape is Home Nightclub. This multi-room venue promises to deliver a unique party experience with top-tier DJs and state-of-the-art sound. Taking its cue from its successful Lincoln counterpart, Home Nightclub is poised to become one of the city’s premier late-night destinations.

Retail and Lifestyle Introductions

Nike Rise: Redefining Sports Retail

Nike is preparing to revolutionize the sports retail experience in Leeds with the introduction of its ‘Rise’ concept store in Trinity Leeds. Occupying the expansive former Victoria’s Secret location, Nike Rise will feature immersive digital technology and personalization services, making it a mecca for fitness enthusiasts and sneakerheads alike.

Zara: A Fashionable Upgrade

Fashion retail is set for a shake-up as Zara prepares to move into the old Trinity Leeds flagship Topshop store on Briggate. This three-story superstore will house Zara’s extensive collections and incorporate their innovative online shopping service. With this relocation set for mid-year, shoppers can look forward to a new chapter of style and convenience.

As Leeds continues to evolve, these new openings exemplify the city’s dynamic nature, offering something for every palate, preference, and pastime. With such diversity in the upcoming venues, 2024 promises to be an exciting year for residents and visitors alike. Keep an eye on these developments as Leeds cements its reputation as a city that never stands still.

  • Leeds is set to welcome new establishments in 2024, including the expansion of wine shop Latitude and the revival of Indian restaurant Shabab.
  • Taiwanese bubble tea and bao bun spot Boba & Bao will be opening in Horsforth.
  • Premier Inn will be opening a new apart-hotel next to Leeds Kirkgate Market, with commercial units available.
  • Carousel, a social gaming and nightlife venue, and Home Nightclub, a multi-room venue with DJs, will be opening in Leeds.
  • Nike Rise, a cutting-edge sports retail store, and Zara’s three-story fashion superstore will also be opening in Leeds.

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