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The hunt for affordable ale in Leeds leads beer enthusiasts to historic pubs like The Angel Inn offering pints at £2.60 or The Templar Pub with local brews starting at £2.17. From cask ales at The Packhorse to house bitters at The Fenton for £3.50, Leeds celebrates its rich brewing culture with hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

Where can you find affordable beer in Leeds?

Discover affordable ale in Leeds at historic pubs like The Angel Inn with pints at £2.60, or The Templar Pub featuring local brews and Monday specials starting at £2.17. The Packhorse and The Ship Inn offer cask ales and lagers from £3. Venture to The Fenton for a house bitter at £3.50, celebrating Leeds’ rich brewing culture.

In the vibrant city of Leeds, where modernity brushes shoulders with rich heritage, there exists a quest that many a beer enthusiast embarks upon—a quest for an affordable pint. This article serves as a guide to the hidden treasures of Leeds, where the value of a pint does not compromise its quality.

The Art of Traditional Drinking: Historic Leeds Pubs

Leeds, the jewel in the crown of West Yorkshire, is home to an eclectic mix of pubs, each with its own story. The search for a cheap pint often leads to establishments steeped in history, where the walls whisper tales of yore and the ale flows generously. These time-honored pubs have become a fixture in the lives of locals, offering a sanctuary where camaraderie and affordability meet.

The Angel Inn stands as a testament to traditional British pubs. Tucked away between the bustling streets of Briggate and Lands Lane, this hidden gem offers a pint of Alpine lager for an astonishing £2.60. Its selection of Samuel Smith lagers, including Taddy and Double Four, promises a taste of Yorkshire’s brewing legacy. The grand wood bar and summer beer garden are just cherries on top of this delightful experience.

Next on the list is the Templar Pub, a Grade II listed building where time seems to stand still. Leather booths, carpeted floors, and wood-paneled walls transport patrons back to an era of classic British pubs. With a focus on local brews, you can indulge in a variety of Kirkstall Brewery beers, including the revered Three Swords. The Greene King IPA, starting at a mere £2.17, is a Monday special that’s too good to pass up.

Leeds’ Best Kept Secrets: Courtyards and Cask Ales

Behind the high street facade of Briggate lies The Packhorse, a cozy establishment that guards the essence of Leeds’ pub culture. As one of the city’s oldest pubs, it has maintained a charming appeal with its beamed ceilings and tiled floors. The courtyard is a peaceful retreat to enjoy one of their six cask ales, such as the Ossett Silver King. For lager lovers, the hand-pulled Timothy Taylor at £3.65 is a steal.

The Ship Inn, with 300 years of history to its name, is not just a pub—it’s a relic. Hidden down an alley off Briggate, it’s a treasure trove of cheap, delightful beers set within wood-paneled walls adorned with brass finishings. The art deco bar is the heart of this pub, offering six cask ales including Tolly English Ale, along with classic bitters like Black Sheep. Starting at £3, it’s an affordable spot to savor history and hops in their secluded courtyard.

Beyond the City Centre: The Fenton’s Frugal Brews

Venturing out from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, beer lovers might find themselves at The Fenton, a sanctuary for those seeking a wallet-friendly pint. Embrace the warmth of the wooden interior, with a myriad of nooks perfect for a snug evening. The Fenton’s partnership with Kirkstall Brewery ensures that its house bitter, priced at only £3.50, is both cheap and cheerful—a true representation of Leeds’ brewing enthusiasm.

In Leeds, the quest for a cheap pint is more than just about finding a drink; it’s about immersing oneself in the city’s pub culture, discovering the charm of each establishment, and delighting in the flavors of locally crafted ales. These cherished venues offer more than just a drink—they are the keepers of community, history, and Yorkshire’s rich brewing traditions.

  • The Angel Inn in Leeds offers pints priced at £2.60, showcasing a taste of Yorkshire’s brewing legacy.
  • The Templar Pub features local brews starting at £2.17, making it a Monday special not to be missed.
  • The Packhorse in Leeds, one of the city’s oldest pubs, offers six cask ales including Ossett Silver King in a cozy courtyard setting.
  • The Ship Inn, hidden down an alley off Briggate, serves classic bitters like Black Sheep starting at £3 in a historic wood-paneled setting.
  • The Fenton, located outside the city centre, partners with Kirkstall Brewery to offer a house bitter for only £3.50, representing Leeds’ brewing enthusiasm.

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