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Experience the best lunch spots in Leeds, from artisan sandwiches at Things in Bread to flavorful vegan kebabs at Döner Summer, and a street food extravaganza at Leeds Kirkgate Market. With a diverse culinary landscape that caters to all tastes, lunchtime in Leeds is transformed into a vibrant exploration of flavors and global cuisines, ensuring a satisfying and exciting midday meal experience.

What are the best places to have lunch in Leeds?

The best lunch spots in Leeds include:
Things in Bread for artisan sandwiches with homemade bread.
Döner Summer for flavorful 100% plant-based kebabs.
Bubble Sing for a variety of Asian dishes and bubble tea.
Leeds Kirkgate Market for a street food extravaganza.
Bundobust for Indian street food.
Mommy Thai for a quick Thai lunch combo.
The Northern Market for a diverse culinary experience with vendors offering Middle Eastern, American, and Italian specialties.

Leeds, a city known for its vibrant culture and history, also boasts a culinary landscape that caters to every palate. From street food havens to artisan sandwich shops, lunch in this city is far from mundane. With an array of options dotting the streets, those in search of midday gastronomic delights are in for a treat.

Artisan Sandwiches: A Delightful Bite

In the bustling heart of Leeds city centre, an epic sandwich shop has made its mark. Things in Bread commands attention with queues that signify its worth. It’s not just the sandwiches that draw a crowd, but the dedication to crafting homemade shokupan, a Japanese milk bread, fresh each day. These sandwiches, starting at £5, range from roast chicken salad to the classic BLT, offering a redefined sandwich experience at 15 Boar Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5EL.

The sister venue, Doh’hut, echoes the same commitment to quality. Simple fillings paired with exceptional bread make it a pilgrimage worth undertaking. Their offerings encourage diners to forgo the usual meal deal for a lunch that promises satisfaction without breaking the bank.

The value of these sandwiches goes beyond their price. It’s a culinary adventure wrapped in bread, with each bite offering a connection to the city’s heart. Things in Bread has shown that even the humble sandwich can become an extraordinary experience when made with passion and precision.

Vegan Delights and Asian Inspirations

Venturing into the realm of plant-based cuisine, Döner Summer on 10-12 Call Lane provides a menu that proves vegan food need not be bland. With loaded kebabs that are 100% plant-based, including mock döner and chick’n wrapped in either flatbread or Turkish pide, this eatery is a haven for those seeking meat-free alternatives that don’t skimp on flavor. Burgers and buttermylk fried chick’n, available in classic or spicy, further affirm the variety and appeal of vegan junk food.

Meanwhile, Bubble Sing within Sing Kee Oriental Supermarket at 26-28 Woodhouse Lane offers a treasure trove of Asian dishes. From char siu bao buns to hot chicken wings, and sushi starting at just £4.15, the counter serves up quick, delicious options for a lunch on the go. Not to be missed is the bubble tea, a specialty that complements any meal choice.

These venues represent the changing face of Leeds’ lunch scene, where inclusivity and diverse culinary traditions converge. Whether you’re a staunch vegan or an explorer of global flavors, establishments like Döner Summer and Bubble Sing provide a midday escape that caters to all.

Street Food Extravaganza: Kirkgate Market and Beyond

Leeds Kirkgate Market, a staple in the city for nearly 150 years, continues to draw crowds, thanks in part to the Market Kitchen. Here, one can embark on a culinary journey with offerings from Jenny’s Jerk Chicken for a taste of the Caribbean, to Fat Annie’s for a vegan twist on American classics. Located at the rear of the market at 34 George Street, this food hub serves as a microcosm of Leeds’ diverse food culture.

For those who crave Indian street food, Bundobust on 6 Mill Hill does not disappoint. With a menu comprised solely of vegetarian and vegan dishes, flavors are not sacrificed. The Bundo chaat, a spectacular fusion of chickpeas and samosa pastry topped with chilli, yoghurt, and tamarind sauce is a highlight. The lunch express deal offers an affordable feast without compromising on taste or quality.

The city’s street food scene is a mosaic of flavors, each stall and vendor contributing a unique piece to the overall picture. From Leeds Kirkgate Market to the offerings of Bundobust, it’s evident that street food in Leeds encapsulates the essence of the city’s dynamic food scene.

Diverse Cuisines: A Global Lunch Experience

Leeds’ food scene does not stop at sandwiches and street food; it encompasses a global dining experience. Mommy Thai, with two locations on Duncan Street and Vicar Lane, brings the essence of South East Asia to the table. The lunch combo, which includes a starter and main for £9.95, allows for a quick yet authentic taste of Thai cuisine. Options like Pad Thai and the spicy pad gra pow ensure a satisfying meal that caters to both time and quality.

Then there’s The Northern Market, a subterranean spot at 12 Great George Street. It’s a collaborative venture where variety reigns supreme. Here, one finds everything from Falafel Guys offering Middle Eastern delights to Big Buns and Six Slice pushing the bounds of burgers and pizza, respectively. The diversity of the vendors makes it an ideal location for groups with varied tastes.

With every street and corner offering a different world of flavors, Leeds presents an impressive array of global cuisines. Whether it’s the Thai offerings of Mommy Thai or the diverse vendors at The Northern Market, the city serves as a canvas for the world’s culinary arts.

In conclusion, Leeds’ lunch landscape is as varied as it is vibrant. From the artisanal sandwiches of Things in Bread to the vegan feasts of Döner Summer, and from the global street food offerings at Leeds Kirkgate Market to the diverse cuisine at The Northern Market, there is something to satisfy every craving. The city has transformed lunchtime into an exploration of flavors, ensuring that diners have no reason to settle for the mundane. Each location mentioned in this article contributes to the rich tapestry of Leeds’ food scene, inviting locals and visitors alike to banish the lunchtime blues for good.

For more information on these dining spots, you may refer to their direct contact details or visit their respective websites.

  • Things in Bread offers artisan sandwiches with homemade shokupan bread, starting at £5, providing a redefined sandwich experience in Leeds.
  • Döner Summer at 10-12 Call Lane serves flavorful 100% plant-based kebabs and vegan junk food options, catering to those seeking meat-free alternatives.
  • Leeds Kirkgate Market is a street food hub offering a diverse culinary experience with vendors like Jenny’s Jerk Chicken and Fat Annie’s, showcasing a microcosm of Leeds’ food culture.
  • Mommy Thai provides a quick and authentic taste of Thai cuisine with lunch combos starting at £9.95, bringing the essence of South East Asia to the table.
  • The Northern Market at 12 Great George Street features a range of vendors offering Middle Eastern, American, and Italian specialties, creating an ideal location for groups with varied tastes.

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