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Looking for the best spa days in Yorkshire? From the opulence of The Grand in York to the historic charm of Harrogate Turkish Baths, Yorkshire offers a multitude of luxurious and rejuvenating spa experiences to relax and unwind.

What are the best spa days in Yorkshire?

Yorkshire offers an exquisite array of spa experiences, each providing a unique way to relax and rejuvenate:

  1. The Grand, York – Opulent surroundings with a spacious indoor pool and various saunas. Prices from £35 for a half-day.
  2. Wood Hall Hotel – Luxurious Elemis treatments and scenic woodland views. Half-day rates start at £120.
  3. Harrogate Turkish Baths – A historic Victorian bathhouse offering a classic Turkish bath experience from £25.
  4. Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa, Leeds – Stylish decor and a variety of spa packages, starting at £120 for a half-day.
  5. The Bridge Hotel & Spa, Wetherby – Scandinavian-inspired heat and ice therapies, with half-day experiences from £40.

Indulging in a spa day is a quintessential method to unwind and recharge, and Yorkshire offers a cornucopia of tranquil settings for this very purpose. From the historical to the luxurious, the region’s spas cater to every whim with an array of treatments set against the backdrop of England’s picturesque northern landscapes. Here, we explore the most sublime spa days Yorkshire has to offer, each promising serenity and rejuvenation.

The Grand, York

The Grand in York provides an experience that is as opulent as it is restorative. Nestled within the hotel’s stately architecture are its tranquil spa facilities. “An oasis of calm,” boasts their brochure, featuring a 14-meter indoor swimming pool and an aromatic steam room, alongside the invigorating Nordic dry sauna. With half and full day options, guests can customize their visit with up to two hours of treatments, or simply bask in the holistic ambiance of the spa itself.

  • Location: York – find it on Google Maps.
  • Budget: Half day spa experiences start from £35, full days from £109.
  • Facilities: Relaxation areas, indoor pool, spa whirlpool, steam room, Nordic dry sauna, and fitness gym.
  • We recommend: “Opt for a weekday visit to avoid the weekend hustle,” suggests a regular guest.
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Wood Hall Hotel

Perched atop 100 acres of pristine woodland, Wood Hall Hotel’s spa is the epitome of intimate luxury. The Elemis spa, although small, delivers a broad spectrum of treatments from invigorating massages to nourishing facials. Guests can choose from three spa day packages, each inclusive of afternoon tea or lunch, and varying in treatment duration, with the pinnacle offering being the indulgent ‘Just for You’ package.

  • Location: Wetherby – find it on Google Maps.
  • Budget: Starting at £120 for half day, £200 for a full day.
  • Facilities: Indoor pool, steam room, spa pool, and treatment rooms.
  • We recommend: “Savor your afternoon tea amidst the tranquility of the woodland views,” advises the spa manager.
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Harrogate Turkish Baths

At Harrogate Turkish Baths, guests are transported to another era within the most fully restored Victorian bath-house in Britain. The splendor of the Italian terrazzo flooring and Islamic arches are as therapeutic as the heat treatments themselves. The journey from the eucalyptus-infused steam room through the three heated chambers culminates in an invigorating plunge pool experience, acclaimed for its benefits to circulation and detoxification.

  • Location: Harrogate – find it on Google Maps.
  • Budget: Turkish bath experience from £25; additional treatments extra.
  • Facilities: Frigidarium, steam room, heated chambers, plunge pool, showers.
  • We recommend: “The plunge pool is a must-try – it’s a vital part of the experience,” a regular visitor enthuses.
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Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa

For a spa day that marries style with serenity, Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa in Leeds is a prime choice. The opulent pool room, with its gold accents and ornate tiling, promises a lavish escape. Guests can revel in a variety of spa packages, from the Simple Ritual to the Pure Luxury Spa Package, each designed to provide a sanctuary of peace with options for cream tea and exclusive treatments.

  • Location: Leeds – find it on Google Maps.
  • Budget: Prices start at £120 for half days, £240 for full days.
  • Facilities: Indoor pool, salt sauna, whirlpool, steam room.
  • We recommend: “Steam room first, then cool off in the pool,” a seasoned spa-goer advises.
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The Bridge Hotel & Spa

At The Bridge Hotel & Spa, guests are treated to a unique combination of Scandinavian and modern treatments. The spa’s heat and ice therapies are revered for their health benefits, and the affordable spa days coupled with luxurious treatments make for an accessible retreat. For couples, the spas offer a special package that includes a full body massage and afternoon tea, providing both relaxation and romance.

  • Location: Wetherby – find it on Google Maps.
  • Budget: Starting at £40 for a half day experience.
  • Facilities: Sauna, steam room, drench shower, foot spa, ice fountain, hot tubs, treatment rooms, massage chairs.
  • We recommend: “Give the tired feet massage a try,” the spa director suggests.
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In summary, Yorkshire’s spa offerings are as diverse as they are delightful. Each establishment provides an escape designed to cater to personal preferences and provide a haven of relaxation. Whether one seeks the grandeur of historical settings or the intimacy of boutique spas, Yorkshire’s landscapes are home to some of the finest havens of tranquility and wellness.

  • The Grand in York offers opulent spa facilities including a swimming pool and saunas, with prices starting at £35 for a half-day.
  • Wood Hall Hotel in Wetherby provides luxurious Elemis treatments with scenic woodland views, with half-day rates beginning at £120.
  • Harrogate Turkish Baths is a historic Victorian bathhouse offering a classic Turkish bath experience starting at £25.
  • Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa in Leeds boasts stylish decor and various spa packages, with prices starting at £120 for a half-day.
  • The Bridge Hotel & Spa in Wetherby offers Scandinavian-inspired heat and ice therapies, with half-day experiences starting at £40.

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