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Briggate Illuminated is a stunning light sculpture display in Leeds, designed to transform the city’s nightscape until March 2024. Created by LeedsBID and James Glancy Design, the immersive experience features eight rows of cascading light sculptures that bring warmth, color, and movement to Briggate, symbolizing Leeds’ commitment to community, commerce, and joy.

What is the Briggate Illuminated project in Leeds?

Briggate Illuminated is a transformative light sculpture display in Leeds, designed to enrich the city’s nightscape until March 2024. The Leeds Business Improvement District collaborates with James Glancy Design to create an immersive experience featuring eight rows of cascading light sculptures, revitalizing Briggate with warmth, colour, and movement. This initiative extends beyond the festive season, symbolizing Leeds’ commitment to community, commerce, and joy.

A New Vision for Leeds’ Iconic Street

Briggate, a name that resonates with the historic charm of Leeds, now basks in the glow of spectacular light sculptures. This isn’t a temporary twinkling for the holiday season; it’s a transformation that will extend its warmth through the cold until March 2024. The Leeds Business Improvement District (LeedsBID) has collaborated with the creative minds at James Glancy Design to bring this luminous vision to life. Visitors can wander beneath eight rows of suspended light sculptures, each a cascading wave of colour and light. This installation represents a dynamic shift from last year’s ‘Dear Leeds’ display, offering a renewed and vibrant energy to the city’s nightscape.

The designs do more than just dazzle; they envelop Briggate in an aura of warmth, colour, and movement. The choice to extend the display beyond the traditional festive period is a testament to the city’s dedication to fostering an atmosphere that encourages community, commerce, and joy. It’s an invitation to locals and tourists alike to experience the city centre in a new light—quite literally. Meanwhile, landmarks like The Queens Hotel join the festivities, adorned with the ‘Magical Night at The Queens’ projection, adding yet another layer to this multifaceted winter wonderland.

Beyond the festivities, these installations underscore a broader strategy. They symbolize the city’s commitment to revitalizing the urban environment, creating spaces that are not just visually appealing but also inclusive and engaging. As the sculptures cast their glow, they highlight the architectural beauty and the rhythmic pulse of life along one of Leeds’ most frequented streets.

Shopping and Splendour in Leeds’ Luminous Landscape

A stroll along the illuminated Briggate is an enchantment, and the perfect prelude to a joyous Christmas shopping experience in Leeds. Begin at the Merrion Centre, where a diverse array of retail offerings awaits. This hub of shopping activity is ideal for ticking items off your Christmas list and satiating any post-spree hunger with a variety of dining options.

For those who seek the familiarity of high street names, Trinity Leeds stands as the go-to destination. Housing brands such as Apple and Hollister, it promises a treasure trove of stocking fillers that cater to the entire family’s wishlist. On the more opulent end of the spectrum, Victoria Leeds presents itself as the nucleus of luxury shopping in the city. With names like Anthropologie and Calvin Klein lining its halls, it serves as a bastion of indulgence for those special gifts.

Yet, for the discerning shopper who takes pride in supporting local businesses, the Leeds Corn Exchange is a must-visit. The Grade I-listed edifice not only offers a visually stunning shopping experience but also houses an eclectic mix of independent boutiques. From stylish streetwear and vintage vinyl to artisanal books and botanicals, it’s a celebration of independent spirit and craftsmanship.

Leeds’ Winter Wonderland: More Than Just Lights

Leeds’ festive allure is not confined to the tendrils of lights adorning its streets. The ‘Magical Night at The Queens’ display at The Queens Hotel is a spectacle of artistry, with mesmerizing projections that come to life every half hour from dusk till 8:30 pm during the heart of the festive season. This visual storytelling captivates audiences and becomes a part of the city’s collective memory.

The Holy Trinity Church and the Christmas tree at St Peter’s Square also join in this celebration of light. Draped in festive lighting, these icons stand as beacons of the holiday spirit, shining until early January. These installations are emblematic of the city’s dedication to creating an immersive holiday experience that extends beyond shopping and into the realm of cultural expression.

As Briggate shines with its new array of light sculptures, Leeds positions itself as a city of innovation and tradition. This harmony between the past and the present, the commercial and the cultural, is what shapes Leeds into a destination of wonder during the winter months and beyond. The light sculptures, while visually stunning, are but one aspect of a larger narrative—one that speaks of community, creativity, and the collective spirit of a city always looking to brighten the experience of all who walk its streets.

  • Briggate Illuminated is a light sculpture display in Leeds designed to transform the city’s nightscape until March 2024.
  • The display features eight rows of cascading light sculptures that bring warmth, color, and movement to Briggate.
  • The project is a collaboration between Leeds Business Improvement District (LeedsBID) and James Glancy Design.
  • The display symbolizes Leeds’ commitment to community, commerce, and joy, and extends beyond the festive season.
  • Other landmarks, such as The Queens Hotel, join in the festivities with their own projections and installations.

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