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Discover the tranquility of Yorkshire’s reservoir walks, perfect for both peaceful strolls and adventurous treks. Key walks include the Agden Reservoir, surrounded by woodlands and panoramic views, and the Eccup Reservoir Circular, which offers picturesque countryside and woodland paths.

What are the best reservoir walks in Yorkshire?

Discover the tranquility of Yorkshire’s reservoir walks, perfect for both peaceful strolls and adventurous treks. Key walks include:

  1. Agden Reservoir (5 miles) – Surrounded by woodlands and panoramic views.
  2. Eccup Reservoir Circular (5+ miles) – Picturesque countryside and woodland paths.
  3. Osmotherley Moors Circular (5.3 miles) – Challenging trek through Hambleton Hills to Cod Beck Reservoir.
  4. Thruscross Reservoir (4.5 miles) – Historical walk with valley views.
  5. Lindley Wood Reservoir (2 miles) – Ideal for a leisurely day and birdwatching.
  6. Swinsty Reservoir Circular (3 miles) – Offers views of Washburn Valley.
  7. Reedbed Ramble at RSPB St Aidan’s (3 miles) – Family-friendly walk through unique habitats.
  8. Wessenden Valley Reservoir Walk (8 miles) – Linear walk showcasing four lakes.
  9. Riggs Moor Circular (14 miles) – A challenging route for the most determined walkers, featuring Angram and Scar House reservoirs.

Discover Yorkshire’s Majestic Reservoirs

Yorkshire is adorned with scenic reservoirs that offer tranquil walks amidst nature’s beauty. For those seeking moments of peace or a zestful adventure, these reservoirs provide the perfect backdrop. The landscape flourishes with an array of flora and fauna, making each step a discovery. Whether enveloped in the morning mist or basking in the golden hues of sunset, Yorkshire’s reservoirs are a testament to the serene wilderness of Northern England.

Within the reaches of the Peak District National Park lies Agden Reservoir, a hidden gem for avid walkers. The circular route stretches nearly five miles, a journey that begins in the quaint villages of Low and High Bradfield. As the path weaves through verdant woodlands, it opens up to reveal the reservoir, encased in a loving embrace by the surrounding trees. For those who venture to Rocher Edge, the panoramic views are rewarding, a tapestry of earth and water seen from above.

Another reservoir walk, renowned for its picturesque vistas, is the Eccup Reservoir Circular. It combines the allure of the countryside with the tranquility of woodland paths, making it an ideal choice for beginners and seasoned ramblers alike. With a length of just over five miles, the path takes you through Goodrick Plantation and Owlet Hall Farm, leading to breathtaking views of the lake. On a clear day, you may even spot red kites soaring above, a spectacular addition to the walk’s charm.

A Journey Through Yorkshire’s Waterlands

For a more challenging trek, the Osmotherley Moors Circular beckons. Covering 5.3 miles, the route crosses the rugged Hambleton Hills to reveal the splendors of Arncliffe Wood and the Vale of Mowbray. As the journey progresses, the ancient forests give way to the open expanse of Cod Beck Reservoir. Here, the serene waters reflect the encircling trees, a moment of stillness in the heart of nature.

Thruscross Reservoir offers a more historical walk, where the landscape tells tales of the past. Along the 4.5-mile circular route, remnants of a submerged village offer a poignant reminder of the area’s history. The reservoir, now a source of beauty and recreation, was once a place of sacrifice, its creation necessitating the flooding of a once-thriving community. Today, walkers can ponder this history while enjoying the panoramic valley views that the path affords.

Lindley Wood Reservoir, nestled north of Otley, provides a shorter but equally rewarding walk. The gentle two-mile stroll is perfect for a leisurely day out, especially if armed with a picnic to enjoy by the water’s edge. The area is teeming with rare bird species, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise. The walk begins in the picturesque village of Leathley, where the path follows Greystone Beck before opening up to the tranquil reservoir.

Yorkshire’s Diverse Trails and Treks

The Swinsty Reservoir Circular is a three-mile walk offering uninterrupted views of the Washburn Valley. The path is well-maintained, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all who embark on this journey. As you meander around the lake, landmarks such as Norwood Edge Plantation and the historic Swinsty Hall come into view. The Fewston Embankment presents an ideal spot to pause and reflect on the peaceful water vistas.

In the company of rare reedbeds and diverse birdlife, the Reedbed Ramble at RSPB St Aidan’s stands out as a family-friendly excursion. Starting around Bowers Lake, the three-mile walk passes Lemonroyd and Astley lakes before arriving at Fleakingley Reservoir. It’s a chance to immerse oneself in one of the UK’s unique natural habitats and to appreciate the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

The Wessenden Valley Reservoir Walk offers a visual feast with not one, but four captivating lakes to encounter. Starting from Marsden, the eight-mile linear walk traverses the northern reaches of the Peak District. The path unfolds gently, guiding walkers from the charm of Butterley to the sequential discovery of Blakeley, Wessenden, and Wessenden Head reservoirs.

The Road Less Travelled

For those seeking solitude and a test of endurance, the Riggs Moor Circular is a formidable route. Stretching over 14 miles, it begins in Middlesmoor and takes the intrepid through the raw beauty of the moorland to Great Whernside. Along the route, the Angram and Scar House reservoirs emerge, twin oases amidst the vast wilderness. Only the most determined walkers will undertake this path, but the rewards are unmatched in grandeur and solitude.

From tranquil to challenging, from the historic to the picturesque, Yorkshire’s reservoir walks are a treasure trove of natural wonders. They are a testament to the county’s rich landscape, offering a retreat for the soul and a playground for the adventurous. As each path unfolds, it brings with it the promise of new discoveries, moments of reflection, and an enduring connection with the great outdoors.

  • Yorkshire’s reservoir walks offer both peaceful strolls and adventurous treks.
  • Key reservoir walks in Yorkshire include Agden Reservoir, Eccup Reservoir Circular, Osmotherley Moors Circular, Thruscross Reservoir, and Lindley Wood Reservoir.
  • Agden Reservoir is surrounded by woodlands and panoramic views, while Eccup Reservoir Circular offers picturesque countryside and woodland paths.
  • Osmotherley Moors Circular is a challenging trek through Hambleton Hills to Cod Beck Reservoir.
  • Thruscross Reservoir offers a historical walk with valley views, and Lindley Wood Reservoir is ideal for a leisurely day and birdwatching.

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