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Explore Otley Chevin for stunning views over Yorkshire, Beamsley Beacon for a panoramic look at Wharfedale, and the Stoodley Pike Circular for historical richness and Calder Valley vistas. Start your adventure from Leeds and immerse yourself in the natural splendor of these scenic trails, offering a perfect blend of beauty, tranquility, and exploration.

What are the top scenic walks around Leeds with breathtaking views?

  1. Otley Chevin: A 2.7-mile trek offering panoramic views of the Yorkshire countryside with a mix of woodland and open landscapes.
  2. Beamsley Beacon: A 7-mile walk starting in Beamsley village, leading to a summit with 360-degree views over Wharfedale.
  3. Stoodley Pike Circular: An 8.7-mile route from Hebden Bridge featuring the Stoodley Pike monument and Calder Valley vistas.

Discover Yorkshire’s Natural Beauty

Yorkshire is a region famed for its stunning landscapes, and the area surrounding Leeds does not disappoint for those seeking beauty and tranquility. Less than an hour away from the bustling city life of Leeds lie three walking trails that offer some of the most striking vistas in the county. These routes are not just walks but journeys through Yorkshire’s natural splendour.

The first route takes you to the legendary Otley Chevin, a ridge offering panoramic views that on a clear day, extend across the Yorkshire countryside. This 2.7-mile trek is more of an easy stroll than a strenuous hike, making it perfect for a leisurely afternoon escape. Along the way, you’re treated to a mixture of dense woodland and open landscapes, a diversity that captures Yorkshire’s varied terrain.

Another gem in this trove of scenic routes is the Beamsley Beacon walk. This 7-mile adventure begins in the quaint village of Beamsley, guiding walkers through a rich tapestry of natural wonders. As you ascend towards the Beacon, the paths may challenge you, but the reward is a breathtaking 360-degree view that overlooks Wharfedale and beyond.

Otley Chevin and the Surprise View

A mere half-hour drive from Leeds, the Otley Chevin Forest Park is a sanctuary of peace where nature’s beauty is on full display. The Surprise View, a well-named lookout point, offers a vista that stretches over the Vale of Wharfedale to the distant hills. Here, you can feast your eyes on landmarks like Simon’s Seat and Almscliffe Crag, as well as the iconic White Horse at Sutton Bank.

The path meanders through the forest, providing a tranquil backdrop to the awe-inspiring views. Take the time to bask in the serene environment as you navigate the ridge. With each step, you’ll find the densely wooded areas giving way to clearings that serve up new vantages of the Yorkshire countryside.

Starting at Yorkgate Road in Otley, the trail is a loop that’s well-marked and easy to follow. This accessibility makes it an ideal choice for family outings or for those looking to dip their toes into the world of hiking. The woodland and open sky create a perfect balance, offering both shade and sun as you venture around the ridge.

Beamsley Beacon

For the walker who relishes a good climb, Beamsley Beacon awaits. This route begins in Beamsley village and demands a steady climb up to the Beacon itself. The paths are in good condition, so while the ascent may be gradual, it is not arduous. Upon reaching the summit, the landscape opens up to a vast panorama of the Wharfedale area.

Your eyes can trace the contours of Round Hill and Rombald’s Moor, while the unique architecture of Beamsley Hospital, a historical structure dating back to 1593, adds a touch of intrigue to the walk. Alongside natural beauty, you’ll encounter slices of history that enrich the journey both visually and intellectually.

The circular path includes Kex Gill, a lesser-known but equally stunning area dominated by towering alder trees. This spot is a testament to the hidden treasures that Yorkshire holds, ready to be discovered by those who venture off the beaten path.

Stoodley Pike Circular

Hebden Bridge serves as the starting point for the Stoodley Pike Circular, an 8.7-mile trek that promises an encounter with one of West Yorkshire’s iconic landmarks. Accessible via a short journey by train or car from Leeds, this walk is a full-day commitment that rewards your investment with unrivaled views over the Calderdale area.

As you ascend towards Stoodley Pike, the monument that stands as a beacon of regional history, the Calder Valley unfolds below. Its significance, commemorating the defeat of Napoleon and the Battle of Waterloo, adds a profound resonance to the location. The Pike itself serves not only as a lookout point but also as a monument to peace and resilience.

The route then loops back to Hebden Bridge, taking you through the charming village of Lumbutts and along the peaceful Rochdale Canal. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the journey, the landscape, and the enduring history of the region.

Each of these three walks showcases the diversity and natural beauty of Yorkshire’s landscapes. Whether you seek a short stroll or a day-long hike, the views you’ll encounter are guaranteed to impress and inspire. These paths are well-trodden for a reason, and they’re waiting for you to discover why.

  • Otley Chevin offers a 2.7-mile trek with panoramic views of the Yorkshire countryside and a mix of woodland and open landscapes.
  • Beamsley Beacon is a 7-mile walk starting in Beamsley village, leading to a summit with 360-degree views over Wharfedale and historical structures like Beamsley Hospital.
  • Stoodley Pike Circular is an 8.7-mile route from Hebden Bridge featuring the iconic Stoodley Pike monument and vistas over the Calder Valley.
  • Otley Chevin’s Surprise View provides a vista stretching over the Vale of Wharfedale to distant hills, with landmarks like Simon’s Seat and Almscliffe Crag visible.
  • The Stoodley Pike Circular trek offers historical resonance with the monument commemorating the defeat of Napoleon, alongside unrivaled views of the Calderdale area.

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