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Taking a unique approach to food sourcing and reducing waste, the UK’s first pay-as-you-feel cafe is set to reopen in Leeds. The nation is known for wasting food, but this innovative cafe is on a mission to promote healthy eating and waste reduction.

The Real Junk Food Project: An Innovative Solution

Located at 1 Chapel Lane in Armley, Leeds, the Real Junk Food Project has launched the UK’s first Pay-As-You-Feel cafe. The cafe uses only donated waste food products and allows customers the option to donate what they feel for the service.

The Real Junk Food Project intercepts waste food produce to create healthy meals accessible to all. Additionally, they offer a “swap-shop” facility, allowing the public to donate waste food produce. This food is then intercepted by those who wish to use it for themselves, their families, or their friends.

Suspended Coffee and Free Wi-Fi

The Pay-As-You-Feel cafe also promotes the concept of “suspended coffee,” where customers can purchase a coffee with an extra one to be “suspended” for someone in need. The cafe is open from 9 am to 4 pm and provides free Wi-Fi for its patrons.

A Cafe with a Cause

With the goal of raising awareness about food waste and promoting healthier eating options, the Pay-As-You-Feel cafe is making headlines across the nation. By using donated waste food produce and offering a unique payment system, this Leeds cafe is contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive food culture.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Real Junk Food Project or visiting the Pay-As-You-Feel cafe, you can contact them at 0113 294 4080 or 0113 294 4081, or email You can also follow them on Facebook at for updates about their initiatives and the cafe’s reopening.

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