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Get ready for an action-packed year in Leeds! From captivating theatrical productions like “Life of Pi” and “Così fan tutte”, to music legends like Rick Astley and Bill Bailey, and exciting festivals such as the North Leeds Food Festival and Slam Dunk Festival, 2024 in Leeds promises to be a thrilling mix of culture, entertainment, and artistry. Don’t miss out on the vibrant events that will make Leeds the place to be this year!

What are the must-attend events in Leeds for 2024?

Leeds in 2024 is a cultural hotspot with events for everyone:
Theatre: “Life of Pi” (Jan 10-13), “Così fan tutte” (Feb 2-23), “Frankenstein” (Feb 15-24)
Music & Comedy: Rick Astley (Feb 24), Bill Bailey (Feb 18), Peter Kay (Mar 22, Jun 1), Ne-Yo (Mar 8), Jason Derulo (Mar 10)
Festivals: North Leeds Food Festival (May 11-12), Slam Dunk Festival (May 26), Live at Leeds In The Park (May 25)
Performing Arts: Northern Ballet’s “Romeo and Juliet” (Mar 8-16), Take That (Apr 17-20), André Rieu (May 17)
Cultural Events: Leeds International Beer Festival (Sep 5-8), Light Night Leeds (Oct), Leeds International Film Festival (Nov).

As we usher in the new year, the city of Leeds is poised to host a plethora of vibrant events, beckoning locals and visitors alike to mark their calendars. From the allure of grand theatrical productions to the adrenaline rush of live music performances, 2024 in Leeds is slated to be an enthralling mix of culture, entertainment, and artistry. Here is your essential guide to the not-to-be-missed events in Leeds for the year ahead.

Theatrical Marvels and Operatic Grandeur

The Leeds Grand Theatre, an emblem of cultural sophistication, is set to enchant audiences with a diverse range of performances this coming year. Life of Pi (10th to 13th January), the award-winning theatrical phenomenon adapted from the bestselling novel, brings a tale of survival and faith. Audiences will witness the incredible journey of a young man and a Royal Bengal tiger, lost at sea. Similarly, the operatic masterpiece Così fan tutte (2nd to 23rd February), crafted by the genius composer Mozart, promises to be a compelling blend of humor, melody, and drama with a twist of love’s complexities.

Following close on the heels of these shows is a unique rendition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (15th to 24th February) at the Leeds Playhouse. This production interrogates the essence of life and humanity, offering a profound experience for the audience. These offerings underscore Leeds’ commitment to showcasing thought-provoking and visually stunning works of art.

Musical Extravaganzas and Comedy Giants

Music lovers and comedy enthusiasts can indulge in a feast of performances scheduled at the first direct arena. The legendary musician Rick Astley (24th February) continues to captivate fans with his undiminished charm and iconic hits, promising an unforgettable experience. Revered for his clever humor, Bill Bailey (18th February) is set to tour with his new show ‘Thoughtifier’, an inventive exploration of music and comedy.

The arena will also host the triumphant return of British comedian Peter Kay (22nd March and 1st June), known for his relatable and side-splitting stand-up comedy. The sheer variety of the acts, which also include international stars like Ne-Yo (8th March) and Jason Derulo (10th March), reflects the dynamic cultural landscape that Leeds prides itself on.

Festivals and Fairs – Celebrations Galore

Leeds thrives with festivals that cater to every taste, bringing the community together in shared jubilation. The North Leeds Food Festival (11th and 12th May), held at Roundhay Park, is a tribute to gastronomic excellence, showcasing a delightful blend of local and international flavors coupled with live music and chef demonstrations.

For music aficionados, the Slam Dunk Festival (26th May) at Temple Newsam injects a high-octane dose of punk and metal, while Live at Leeds In The Park (25th May) promises an eclectic line-up including British indie legends The Kooks. These festivals not only highlight Leeds’ culinary and musical diversity but also its ability to host events that resonate with both local and international visitors.

From Ballet Elegance to Pop Culture Phenomena

The arts scene in Leeds is nothing if not eclectic. Northern Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet (8th to 16th March) brings a timeless tale of love and loss to life with exquisite choreography and dramatic storytelling. On a different note, pop culture is celebrated with the likes of Take That (17th to 20th April), whose presence ensures an electrifying atmosphere with their timeless tracks.

The emotional pull of classical music will be embodied by André Rieu (17th May), whose virtuoso performances continue to draw crowds. These events, among many others, form the tapestry of Leeds’ cultural offerings, making it a year-round destination for those seeking artistic brilliance.

Cultural Quintessence and Seasonal Highlights

Leeds boasts a breadth of cultural experiences from the whimsical to the profound. The Leeds International Beer Festival (5th to 8th September) is a testament to the city’s burgeoning craft beer scene, while Light Night Leeds in October transforms the cityscape into a canvas for light and innovation. These events not only illuminate the city literally but also highlight Leeds’ vibrant community spirit and creativity.

Further enriching the city’s cultural fabric, Leeds International Film Festival in November offers a cinematic extravaganza that caters to cinephiles. It is a celebration of storytelling that transcends borders, showcasing a multitude of perspectives and stories.


As Leeds continues to solidify its position as a nexus of cultural activity, the 2024 calendar stands as a testament to its diverse offerings. The events scheduled for the year are imbued with the promise of entertainment, enrichment, and community engagement. The city’s event line-up promises a year full of memorable moments and a reaffirmation of Leeds’ vibrant cultural identity.

  • The must-attend events in Leeds for 2024 include theatrical productions like “Life of Pi” and “Così fan tutte”, music performances by Rick Astley and Bill Bailey, and festivals such as the North Leeds Food Festival and Slam Dunk Festival.
  • Leeds Grand Theatre will showcase a diverse range of performances, including “Life of Pi”, “Così fan tutte”, and “Frankenstein”.
  • The first direct arena will host musical performances by Rick Astley, Bill Bailey, Peter Kay, Ne-Yo, and Jason Derulo.
  • Leeds is known for its festivals, including the North Leeds Food Festival, Slam Dunk Festival, and Live at Leeds In The Park.
  • Leeds also offers cultural events such as Northern Ballet’s “Romeo and Juliet”, Take That concert, and Leeds International Beer Festival.

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