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Kirkstall Brewery is set to transform Leeds’ iconic Tetley building into a vibrant new beer hall. Opening in May, this space will become a hub for local brewing culture, events, and a celebration of Leeds’ rich history in beer making.

What is the future of The Tetley building in Leeds?

The iconic Tetley building in Leeds is being transformed into a new beer hall by Kirkstall Brewery. As part of the Aire Park project, it will celebrate local brewing culture, featuring local beers and a packed event calendar. The venue is set to open in May, aiming to become a community hub and a testament to Leeds’s brewing heritage.

The Legacy of Tetley’s Brewery

The Tetley, a name that resonates with the rich brewing history of Leeds, is poised for a transformation. With the closure of the contemporary art gallery at the former headquarters of Tetley Brewery, a period of uncertainty surrounded the future of this iconic building. However, the announcement by Kirkstall Brewery to take over the space has brought a wave of anticipation and excitement. Their plan? To revitalize the building’s brewing heritage and establish a new beer hall that places local brews at the forefront.

Constructed 92 years ago, the former Tetley Brewery was once the largest in the North of England. Its demolition in 2012 was a significant event, but the headquarters remained, standing as a testament to the city’s industrial past. This historic edifice is not just set to become another business and events space, but rather a central element in Vastint’s Aire Park project, which includes a food hall and a basement bar-restaurant. Plans have been submitted, and the goal is to open the doors to the public in May, which is a mere two months away. “The Tetley will form the centerpiece of Aire Park,” Michael Cronin of Vastint UK explained, stressing the importance of the building in the larger scheme of the park’s development.

The anticipation is tangible, as Kirkstall Brewery aims to honor this ‘landmark of Yorkshire beer culture.’ The collaboration with Vastint UK is set to provide the people of Leeds with a glimpse of the promising developments at Aire Park. Cronin expressed excitement at the prospect of welcoming Kirkstall Brewery, anticipating the positive impact it will have on the area and its cultural landscape.

A Celebration of Local Brewing

The new beer hall is not merely about preserving a building; it’s about creating an experience that dives deep into the heart of Leeds’ brewing culture. Kirkstall Brewery is planning to deck out the taps with their own signature beers, along with selections from North Brewing Co., which they recently acquired. Leeds Brewery will also feature prominently, with further plans to include an even broader range of local breweries. This expansion is a testament to Kirkstall’s commitment to showcasing the best of what the area has to offer.

The venue’s reopening in May will coincide with a variety of events designed to engage beer enthusiasts and novices alike. Expectations are high for a calendar packed with tastings, food pairings, and events centered around the brewing process and its end products. The Tetley’s history as a popular spot, especially on sunny days, is set to be enhanced with beery festivities true to its spirit.

Steve Holt, the owner and founder of Kirkstall Brewery, shared his pride in integrating Leeds’s most iconic brewery building into their fold. “As a brewery that pays a great deal of respect to the history of brewing in the city, we believe we are the ideal custodians for the next chapter of this legendary building,” Holt stated. This sentiment underscores the brewery’s dedication not only to their craft but also to the cultural and historical significance of the Tetley building.

An Impact Beyond Beer

The beer hall’s introduction is more than just a new watering hole; it’s a catalyst for broader development and enrichment of the city’s cultural fabric. Kirkstall Brewery’s takeover represents a melding of the old with the new, where historical reverence and contemporary innovation are equally celebrated. The ripple effect of such a venture is expected to extend to adjacent businesses and the community at large.

As Kirkstall Brewery works tirelessly towards the May opening, the anticipation builds among the residents of Leeds and the wider community. “It’s a tremendous privilege,” Holt remarked, encapsulating the sentiment of all those involved in this ambitious project. The fusion of business, leisure, and culture within the Aire Park development, with the Tetley building at its core, is poised to become a new landmark in Leeds.

The announcement of this transformative project has sparked a conversation about the future of local brewing and its role in urban development. While the plans are awaiting approval, the vision for The Tetley as a hub of great beer and community engagement is already vivid in the minds of those eagerly awaiting its reopening. With the commitment to preserving the brewing heritage and celebrating modern craft, The Tetley is set to embark on its next chapter as a centerpiece of Aire Park and a testament to the city’s enduring love affair with beer.

  • Kirkstall Brewery is transforming Leeds’ iconic Tetley building into a vibrant new beer hall, set to open in May.
  • The new beer hall will celebrate local brewing culture, feature local beers, and host a variety of events.
  • The Tetley building has a rich brewing history in Leeds and will become a central element of Vastint’s Aire Park project.
  • Kirkstall Brewery plans to showcase their signature beers along with selections from other local breweries at the new beer hall.
  • The introduction of the beer hall is expected to have a positive impact on the cultural landscape and community in Leeds.

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