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The Battle Against Cervical Cancer

In April 2011, at just 28 years old, Laura Loftus was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer. She underwent weeks of radical chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and initially responded well to the treatment. In October 2011, she was given the all-clear. However, only 10 months later, a routine scan revealed that the cancer had returned. Since November 2012, Laura has undergone major surgery, a second operation, and another round of chemotherapy.

The Search for Alternative Treatment

Unfortunately, Laura’s cancer did not respond well to the most recent chemotherapy. Her family conducted research and discovered promising trial results on the use of Bevacizumab (aka Avastin) for advanced and recurrent cervical cancer. Laura discussed this treatment with her oncologists, who agreed it was worth pursuing. However, the treatment was not available through the NHS.

Since November 2013, Laura has been self-funding this treatment, which costs £2,829 per session, with sessions occurring every three weeks. After just three treatments, Laura’s cancer showed a significant response to the drug. The expectation is that she will need to continue this treatment long-term, but self-funding is not sustainable.

Laura and her family continue to fight for funding from the NHS but, at present, it is not expected to be granted in the near future. They are seeking support elsewhere, turning to friends, family, and the local community to help raise funds for the much-needed treatment.

The Laura Loftus Football Fundraiser

On Saturday 28th June, a football fundraiser is being hosted to raise as much money as possible for Laura’s cause while providing a fantastic day of family fun. The owners of Leeds Sports Centre kindly donated the use of their facilities for the event. The day’s activities include:

  • 32-team 5-a-side knockout tournament
  • Bubbleball
  • BBQ
  • Family fun day
  • World Cup coverage
  • Raffle
  • Auction
  • Evening entertainment

The event is expected to attract 400 to 800 people from the Leeds area and will be featured in regional and local newspapers, radio, and television. Additionally, a social media campaign through Facebook and Twitter will promote the event.

Ways to Help

There are several ways to contribute to the Laura Loftus Football Fundraiser:

  1. Sponsorship
  2. Donation of goods or services
  3. Promotion and PR

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Main Event Sponsorship (minimum pledge to be negotiated)
  • Pitch-side Advertising (£150 minimum donation)
  • Match Ball Sponsors (£50 minimum donation)


Goods or services can be donated for raffles and auctions. Donations will be credited through the event’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and listed in the matchday programme. If you prefer your donation to be included specifically in the raffle or auction, please let the organizers know.

Promotion and PR

Spread the word about the event through your network and contacts in local television, radio, and the press.

For more information, contact Chris Tinson:

  • Mobile: 07894 045504
  • Email: LeedsFootball2014@gmail.com
  • Twitter: @LauraFootballFR
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/1503990749823829/

By george