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Leeds is home to a variety of all you can eat restaurants that cater to different cuisines. Some popular options include Aagrah for Indian cuisine, Estabulo for Brazilian-style rodizio, Crown Buffet for a unique ordering system, Hama for Korean BBQ, Blue Sakura for sushi and Japanese tapas, Fazenda for a Brazilian steakhouse experience, and Sakku for a sophisticated menu including sushi and grilled items. With a diverse and vibrant dining scene, Leeds offers something to satisfy every craving and appetite.

What are the best all you can eat restaurants in Leeds?

Leeds boasts an impressive array of all you can eat restaurants catering to various cuisines:

  • Aagrah: Enjoy an Indian buffet with dishes like spicy meat Hydrabadi and chicken bhuna.
  • Estabulo: Meat lovers can savor a Brazilian-style rodizio with a variety of skewered meats.
  • Crown Buffet: Order unlimited dishes from the menu, featuring crispy duck and prawn toast.
  • Hama: Indulge in Korean BBQ with a selection of meats and over 30 side dishes.
  • Blue Sakura: Experience sushi and Japanese tapas-style service with a range of delicacies.
  • Fazenda: A Brazilian steakhouse offering a range of skewered meats and a gourmet salad bar.
  • Sakku: Offers a sophisticated menu including sushi and freshly grilled items.

Leeds, a city celebrated for its diverse and vibrant dining scene, offers a plethora of options for those with an insatiable appetite. The concept of ‘all you can eat’ is not just about quantity, but also an invitation to explore a multitude of flavors and cuisines. In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the top buffet restaurants in Leeds, where you can indulge in unlimited servings of delectable dishes.

Aagrah: An Indian Buffet Extravaganza

When the weekend nears and the culinary sights are set on a bountiful spread, Aagrah presents an all you can eat Indian buffet that stands out in Leeds’ dining landscape. Available on Sunday and Monday evenings, patrons can embark on a gastronomic journey starting with palatable appetizers, gravitating towards the main course that boasts of authentic and spicy delights.

“An array of starters such as fish masala, shami kebab, and aromatic chicken kebabs lay the groundwork for what is a truly immersive dining experience,” describes the restaurant. Aagrah doesn’t shy away from variety in their main courses, offering a spicy meat Hydrabadi, a robust chicken bhuna, and a comforting dal. Desserts like a fresh fruit platter and sticky toffee pudding act as the perfect epilogue to the meal. Priced at £18.95 per person, with children aged 4-9 at £11.95, it’s an offer that beckons the appetite.

Estabulo: A Meat Lover’s Haven

For those whose idea of a feast is synonymous with succulent cuts of meat, Estabulo’s rodizio bar & grill is the place to be. “Meat, meat, and more meat,” as they say, with a continuous flow of skewered meats served tableside, until you declare surrender by flipping the card on your table to red.

Diners can expect a cavalcade of cuts, from rump cap to bottom sirloin, and delectable bife picante. Beyond the beef, there’s an assortment of chicken, pork, and lamb, supplemented by a salad bar and a hot buffet. “Food, glorious food,” rightly sums up the Estabulo experience, where lunch prices start from £24.95 and dinner from £36.95.

Crown Buffet: Order, Eat, Repeat

Crown Buffet offers a twist on the traditional buffet setup. “The name ‘Crown Buffet’ might be a tad misleading,” one might note, given there’s no actual buffet line. Instead, guests can order unlimited dishes from the menu over a span of two hours. Crispy duck, prawn toast, crab claws, salt and pepper squid, and a selection of wings and ribs are all on offer. The chicken in plum sauce comes highly recommended, with a pricing structure that’s straightforward – £21.99 per person and £9.49 for children.

Hama: Korean BBQ with a Twist

If Korean BBQ piques your interest, Hama is where you should head. “An all you can eat Korean BBQ in Leeds?” Yes, indeed. With a buffet table offering endless meats for the barbecue and over 30 Korean side dishes, the experience is as interactive as it’s indulgent. Each table comes equipped with a built-in BBQ, allowing patrons to get creative with their meal. “Think sweet marinated pork, kimchi, sticky rice, and melt-in-your-mouth beef,” suggests the establishment. For 90 minutes of barbecue bliss, prices are set at £28 per person with BBQ, and £22 without, making it a hotspot for meat lovers.

Blue Sakura: Sushi and Japanese Delights

Sushi enthusiasts, rejoice! Blue Sakura offers an all you can eat experience that stands apart with its Japanese tapas-style service. Orders are placed using a tablet, simplifying the process as a parade of Japanese delicacies makes its way to your table. “Seafood udon noodles, Korean spicy beef, and grilled scallops,” highlights the array of options available to patrons. The sushi selection alone, featuring nigiri, sashimi, maki rolls, and more, is a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to the craft. Prices vary based on the time and day, ranging from £26.95 for a lunch slot to £42.95 for a Friday or Saturday evening.

Fazenda: A Brazilian Steakhouse Experience

Fazenda Rodizio Bar & Grill offers an all you can eat experience that transports diners to the heart of South American cuisine. “Meat – the final frontier,” they declare, emphasizing the steakhouse’s array of skewers that include beef tenderloin, lamb rump, and pork collar with honey, among other exotic selections. Patrons are advised to not get too ensnared by the buffet, which includes truffle and parmesan fries, but instead save room for the parade of meats. Lunchtime prices begin at £32.90, while the dinner experience is priced at £48.50, with children under 8 eating for free, and ages 8-14 at £13.90.

Sakku: Sophisticated Sushi and Grills

Sakku brings an element of elegance to the all you can eat scene in Leeds. “It’s the combination of ambiance and impeccable cuisine that sets Sakku apart,” could be the consensus on this establishment. The menu here is extensive, featuring everything from nigiri to freshly grilled delights, including the popular chicken yakitori and the mussels with spicy sauce. Visitors are encouraged to sample the udon noodles, gyoza, spicy tuna rolls, and katsu curries. Evening specials like fresh sashimi and beef tataki are definitely worth the wait. Midweek lunches are priced from £24.95, and dinners from £34.95, providing a touch of luxury to the buffet experience.

Leeds’ buffet scene captivates with its range and quality, catering to every palate. Whether it’s the robust flavors of Indian cuisine at Aagrah, the endless meats of Estabulo, the unique ordering system at Crown Buffet, the interactive Korean BBQ at Hama, the sushi selection at Blue Sakura, the Brazilian beats of Fazenda, or the refined elegance at Sakku, there’s a buffet to satisfy every desire for a feast in this Yorkshire city.

  • Leeds has a variety of all you can eat restaurants catering to different cuisines.
  • Aagrah offers an Indian buffet with dishes like spicy meat Hydrabadi and chicken bhuna.
  • Estabulo is a Brazilian-style rodizio with a variety of skewered meats.
  • Crown Buffet has a unique ordering system where guests can order unlimited dishes from the menu.
  • Hama offers Korean BBQ with a selection of meats and over 30 side dishes.
  • Blue Sakura provides a sushi and Japanese tapas-style service with a range of delicacies.

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