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Leeds Anchors Network (LAN) and Leeds Business Anchor Network (LBAN) have forged a collaboration to boost inclusive growth in Leeds. Their combined efforts aim to enhance employment, promote health and wellbeing, and strengthen the local economy through job creation and financial retention.

What is the purpose of the Leeds Anchors Network collaboration?

The Leeds Anchors Network (LAN) and the Leeds Business Anchor Network (LBAN) have united to promote inclusive growth in Leeds by:

  • Strengthening the local economy through job creation and financial retention
  • Enhancing employment and skills to boost workforce capability
  • Promoting health and wellbeing for all residents
  • Generating high-quality jobs and skill enhancement programs
  • Encouraging local spending to reinforce economic infrastructure

Leeds Anchors Network: A Commitment to Inclusive Growth

In a robust demonstration of community and economic solidarity, the Leeds Anchor Network (LAN) and the Leeds Business Anchor Network (LBAN) have embarked on a collaborative journey. This merger is more than a handshake between organizations; it’s a pledge to unlock the city’s potential for all its inhabitants. The concept of ‘Anchor’ working serves as the foundation for this initiative. It entails major local employers embedding themselves into the fabric of the community to elevate the local economy and create substantial benefits for residents.

  • Strengthening the Local Economy: Anchor institutions are critical drivers of economic development. They provide jobs and engage in practices that retain and circulate financial resources within the city.
  • Enhancing Employment and Skills: By creating employment opportunities and investing in people’s skills, the allied networks aim to elevate the workforce’s capability and prosperity.
  • Promoting Health and Wellbeing: The holistic approach goes beyond economic factors, aiming to uplift the general health and wellbeing of the Leeds population.

The synergy of the LAN, formed in 2018, with the newly minted LBAN is poised to leverage shared experiences and resources. Their concerted effort is not just about business growth, but about weaving a stronger social fabric that supports Leeds’s citizens comprehensively.

Team Leeds: Synergizing Efforts for a Communal Ambition

The recent assembly of representatives from both LAN and LBAN showcases a significant stride towards a communal objective—tackling poverty and inequality while improving life quality for residents. The term ‘Team Leeds’ aptly reflects the spirit of cooperation that marks this initiative. Leaders from various sectors convened on Thursday, 21 March, to strategize the integration of their assets, knowledge, and skills. This roundtable was not simply a discussion but a planning session to catalyze actionable change.

Professor Peter Slee, Chair of the Leeds Anchors Network and Vice Chancellor, articulated the essence of this collaboration:

“The Leeds Anchors network brings together organisations rooted in the city who make a major contribution to the local economy. Broadening the network out to the private sector has allowed us to collaborate with other like-minded partners to increase the benefits that we bring to our city by creating high-quality job opportunities, enhancing the skills of local people, and encouraging local spending and services, each contributing to the economic and inclusive growth of the region.”

This statement encapsulates the ambition driving the unified networks—a commitment to the collective prosperity and wellbeing of Leeds’s citizens.

The Business Anchor Network: Leveraging Private Sector Influence

The Business Anchor Network, under the guidance of Chair Thomas Pomfrett, Head of Delivery at BJSS, recognizes the transformative power of collaboration. Pomfrett echoes the sentiment of combinatorial strength and its ability to foster societal enhancements:

“Being a part of the Business Anchors network and linking with the already established Anchors network has allowed us to take lessons learnt and to very quickly look at where we can add value and build tangible impact for the city as a collective group to achieve our shared City Ambition.”

The alignment between LBAN and the established LAN signifies a milestone in Leeds’s pursuit of becoming a beacon of inclusive growth and quality living.

  • Creating High-Quality Jobs: The focal point of the collaboration is to generate employment that not only pays well but also offers stability and growth opportunities.
  • Skill Enhancement: Tailoring educational and training programs to meet the needs of the local job market is another priority, ensuring that residents are ready to take on new challenges.
  • Local Spending and Services: Encouraging the circulation of money within Leeds bolsters local businesses and services, reinforcing the economic infrastructure.

The collaboration aims to harness the strengths of both public and private sectors, creating a formidable force that drives change and prosperity.

For those seeking further insight into the workings and success stories of these networks, additional information and case studies are available at Leeds Anchors | Inclusive Growth Leeds. This resource serves as a testament to what can be achieved when dedication to communal welfare is at the core of business and institutional practices. Through the collective efforts of LAN and LBAN, Leeds is setting a standard for how cities can cultivate an environment where economic growth and social progress go hand in hand.

  • The Leeds Anchors Network (LAN) and Leeds Business Anchor Network (LBAN) collaborated to boost inclusive growth in Leeds through job creation and financial retention.
  • The collaboration aims to enhance employment, promote health and wellbeing, and strengthen the local economy.
  • Anchor institutions play a vital role in driving economic development by providing jobs and retaining financial resources within the city.
  • The unified efforts of LAN and LBAN seek to create high-quality jobs, enhance skills, and encourage local spending to reinforce economic infrastructure.
  • The collaboration between public and private sectors in Leeds aims to drive change, prosperity, and inclusive growth through teamwork and shared resources.

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