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Leeds is home to a variety of venues offering the best Sunday lunch in the city. Whitelock’s & The Turk’s Head serves up traditional meats and vegetarian options, while Myrtle Tavern offers legendary roasts in a serene park setting. Ox Club puts a modern twist on Sunday roasts with unique dishes like black pudding and onion porchetta, and The Whitehall offers sophisticated roast options with luxurious sides. Each venue brings its own unique take on the classic British Sunday roast, showcasing the diverse and vibrant culinary scene in Leeds.

Where can you find the best Sunday lunch in Leeds?

Experience the best Sunday lunch in Leeds at these top spots:

  1. Whitelock’s & The Turk’s Head – Traditional local meats, vegetarian options, and classic sides.
  2. Myrtle Tavern – Legendary roasts with garlic & rosemary potatoes in a serene park setting.
  3. Ox Club – Modern twist on Sunday roasts with unique dishes like black pudding and onion porchetta.
  4. The Whitehall – Refined indulgence with sophisticated roast options and luxurious sides.

Each venue offers a unique take on the classic British Sunday roast.

Savor the Local Delights at Whitelock’s & The Turk’s Head

Leeds boasts an array of eateries that serve up the quintessential British tradition of Sunday lunch, and among the top contenders is the combined offering of Whitelock’s and The Turk’s Head. These sister bars merge their culinary expertise on Sundays to present a delectable array of choices, including three distinct meats and a roasted nut & herb loaf for vegetarians. Notably, the beef and pork are sourced from Yafforth Hill Farm, and the lamb from Bridge Grange Farm, underscoring the importance Leeds places on local provenance. A classic serving includes a Yorkshire pudding, crispy roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and a generous helping of gravy. For those with a penchant for cauliflower cheese, it’s available as an indulgent extra.

The significance of local sourcing cannot be overstated in the Leeds dining scene. “[Their] roast topside of beef and roasted loin of pork come from Yafforth Hill Farm, while the roasted leg of lamb is sourced from Bridge Grange Farm, adding local provenance to the tasty mix,” highlights the commitment to regionally sourced produce. Prices vary from £14.95 to £18.95, dependent on the main course selection, which aligns with the usual price range for a premium Sunday roast in the city. Located at Turks Head Yard, Briggate, this dining experience is available from 12pm to 8pm, offering a substantial window for patrons to enjoy their meal.

Myrtle Tavern: A North Leeds Favorite

Venturing into North Leeds, the Myrtle Tavern emerges as a celebrated locale for Sunday lunch, situated within the serene confines of Meanwood Park. Their roasts are legendary, featuring beef, lamb, and pork, all priced at £15.95 each, and a vegan nut roast option for those abstaining from meat. A highlight is the ‘trio of meats’ option for £17.95, catering to those who find it difficult to choose just one. Each roast is accompanied by an assortment of sides including garlic & rosemary roast potatoes and a selection of vegetables, all steeped in stock pot gravy.

The Myrtle Tavern’s reputation is well-founded, with patrons often concluding their weekends with this culinary tradition. The restaurant’s idyllic location adds to the allure, making it not just a meal, but an experience. It’s worth noting the generous portion of trimmings provided with each roast, which include garlic & rosemary roast potatoes, creamed leeks, stuffing, roasted caramelised carrots & parsnips, savoy cabbage, Yorkshire pudding, and stock pot gravy. This comprehensive offering underlines why Myrtle Tavern is held in such high regard for Sunday lunches. The address is Parkside Road, Meanwood, and guests are advised to arrive early, as service continues until the roasts are sold out.

Ox Club: A Modern Take on Sunday Lunch

In contrast to traditional establishments, the Ox Club prides itself on an innovative approach, reinventing the Sunday roast within its minimalist dining space. The menu features topside of beef and a unique black pudding and onion porchetta, both priced at £19.50. A vegetarian option of grilled squash with truffle grains is also available. The dishes are served with Yorkshire puddings, pommes Anna, and seasonal organic vegetables, indicative of the contemporary twist Ox Club brings to the table. Guests can elevate their meal with additional sides such as smoked mash or truffle cauli cheese.

This reinvention of the Sunday roast speaks to the evolving tastes of Leeds’ diners, who are open to experiencing traditional meals with a modern flair. The Ox Club offers a testament to this trend, presenting classic dishes with innovative elements that enhance the overall dining experience. Reviews often mention the “stunning black pudding and onion porchetta with smoked trotter” as a standout dish, reflecting the unique culinary creativity found in Leeds. The Ox Club is located at 19a The Headrow and serves from 12pm to 5pm, making it an ideal destination for a midday or afternoon meal.

The Whitehall: A Refined Sunday Indulgence

The Whitehall is another venue where the British Sunday roast is elevated to a new level of sophistication. The stylish dining room offers a unique take on the classic roast with choices like roast rump cap of beef and roast belly pork, each priced at £19.95. For those seeking extravagance, the lamb leg and beef wellington are notable mentions, the latter priced at a luxurious £37. Each main is complemented by an array of sides including roast carrot, cauliflower cheese, green beans, and roast potatoes, all brought together with a Yorkshire pudding and gravy.

The importance of a well-executed roast is paramount at The Whitehall. As one of the establishments at the forefront of the British and European culinary scene in Leeds, it demonstrates the city’s commitment to both tradition and innovation. The Whitehall, located at West Point, Whitehall Road, welcomes diners from 12pm to 8pm, providing ample opportunity to indulge in a Sunday feast. This establishment is a prime example of how Leeds restaurants maintain the integrity of classic dishes while infusing them with contemporary culinary techniques.

The article highlights the diverse range of Sunday lunch options available in Leeds, showcasing the city’s culinary scene’s depth and breadth. From the locally sourced ingredients at Whitelock’s & The Turk’s Head to the innovative approach of Ox Club, Leeds proves to be a city that both respects tradition and embraces change. The Whitehall offers a refined experience, while Myrtle Tavern remains a stalwart for its hearty and legendary roasts. Each establishment brings its unique flair to the beloved British Sunday roast, making Leeds a hub of gastronomic delight for both residents and visitors alike.

  • Whitelock’s & The Turk’s Head offers traditional meats and vegetarian options for Sunday lunch in Leeds.
  • Myrtle Tavern serves legendary roasts in a serene park setting, with a variety of meat and vegan options.
  • Ox Club puts a modern twist on Sunday roasts with unique dishes like black pudding and onion porchetta.
  • The Whitehall offers sophisticated roast options with luxurious sides, elevating the classic Sunday roast.
  • Each venue brings its own unique take on the British Sunday roast, showcasing the diverse culinary scene in Leeds.

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