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Leeds is buzzing with live sports action this week, featuring thrilling matches in ice hockey and football. From the Leeds Knights’ clash with the Hull Seahawks in ice hockey to Leeds United’s battles against Swansea City and Middlesbrough in football, there’s something for every sports fan to enjoy. Don’t miss out on the chance to witness the excitement and atmosphere of these live fixtures in Leeds.

What are the top live sports events in Leeds this week?

  • Leeds Knights vs. Hull Seahawks on Saturday, 25th November at 6:30 pm (Ice Hockey)
  • Leeds United vs. Swansea City on Wednesday, 29th November at 7:45 pm (Football)
  • Leeds United vs. Middlesbrough on Saturday, 2nd December at 3:00 pm (Football)
    These matches promise thrilling action for sports fans in Leeds.

Spotlight on Ice Hockey: Leeds Knights’ Upcoming Clashes

Leeds, a city known for its vibrant sports scene, is gearing up for a week of exhilarating live sports fixtures. Among them, the Leeds Knights are poised to deliver some thrilling ice hockey action at Planet Ice. The Knights, last season’s champions, are set to face the Hull Seahawks, a team that, despite finishing at the bottom last season, has come out stronger this time around. It’s a must-see match for any sports aficionado at 6:30 pm on Saturday, 25th November 2023.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. The following week, on Sunday, 3rd December, the Knights will confront the MK Lightning. The Lightning are not to be underestimated, currently in second place and eager to challenge the Knights’ hopes for a consecutive title. It’s a classic top-table clash, scheduled to begin at 5:15 pm, promising fans a spectacle of speed and skill on the rink.

Besides the intense on-ice battles, these games are a fantastic way for families and friends to spend time together, sharing the thrills and the atmosphere of live sports. The stands are sure to be buzzing with the energy of fans cheering on their local heroes as they skate their way to victory.

Football Fervour at Elland Road

Football fans are in for a treat with Leeds United’s double-header at the iconic Elland Road. On Wednesday, 29th November 2023, the Whites take on Swansea City at 7:45 pm. This match will be a test of Leeds United’s resolve as they seek to cement their position after a strong start in the Championship season. A midweek battle under the floodlights is the perfect setting for drama and excitement that only live football can offer.

The action intensifies with another home game for Leeds United as they face Middlesbrough on Saturday, 2nd December. Kickoff is at 3:00 pm, with the Whites looking to secure another set of three points. Middlesbrough, a formidable opponent with playoff experience from last season, will not make it easy, setting the stage for a gripping encounter.

Yet, there’s more football to witness as the Leeds United Under 21s showcase their talent in the Premier League International Cup. They will go head-to-head with AC Sparta Praha, eyeing a victory to solidify their lead in the group. The match is scheduled for 7:00 pm on Thursday, 7th December 2023, at the LNER Community Stadium in York. It’s an excellent opportunity to see future stars in the making and experience the international flavour of football right in Leeds.

Rugby and Beyond: A Look at the Month Ahead

Beyond the immediate week, the Leeds sporting calendar continues to brim with action-packed events. As December progresses, Leeds United will once again entertain their fans with a home game against Coventry City. Scheduled for 3 pm on Saturday, 16th December, Leeds United are determined to continue their promotion campaign, but Coventry City, having reached the Play Off Final last season, will be sure to put up a robust challenge.

The Leeds Knights will also be back in action on Sunday, 17th December, as they face the Swindon Wildcats at 5:15 pm. With the Knights defending their top position and the Wildcats maintaining consistent form, this match promises to be a compelling clash of strategy and stamina.

The live sports fixtures in Leeds provide an array of options for every sports enthusiast. The city’s dedication to offering a diverse sporting calendar ensures that whether you are passionate about ice hockey, football, or eager to discover something new, there will always be a game to attend, a team to support, and unforgettable moments to cherish. So, grab your scarves, don your jerseys, and join in the excitement as Leeds showcases the best of live sports this week and beyond.

  • Leeds Knights vs. Hull Seahawks on Saturday, 25th November at 6:30 pm (Ice Hockey).
  • Leeds United vs. Swansea City on Wednesday, 29th November at 7:45 pm (Football).
  • Leeds United vs. Middlesbrough on Saturday, 2nd December at 3:00 pm (Football).
  • Leeds Knights’ upcoming clashes against the Hull Seahawks and MK Lightning.
  • Leeds United Under 21s to face AC Sparta Praha in the Premier League International Cup on Thursday, 7th December at 7:00 pm.

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