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Leeds offers an array of top Chinese dining spots, from Mans Market for dim sum to Wen’s Restaurant for authentic home-cooked meals, satisfying every palate. Whether craving classic British-Chinese dishes or bold Sichuan flavours, this guide will lead you through the best Chinese dining experiences in the city.

What are the best places for Chinese dining in Leeds?

Top Chinese dining experiences in Leeds include:
1. Mans Market for Hong Kong-style dim sum and Szechuan tofu.
2. Tattu for artistic fusion and innovative dishes like Shanghai black cod.
3. Wen’s Restaurant for authentic home-cooked meals like handmade dumplings.
4. Crown Buffet for interactive, order-as-you-go Chinese buffets.
5. Sweet Basil Valley for a blend of Chinese and Thai cuisines.
6. Wawin for a fully vegan take on classic Chinese dishes.
7. Joy’s Kitchen for bold Sichuan specialties and authentic dim sum.

Leeds is a veritable melting pot of culture and cuisine, and its Chinese food scene is no exception. From the depths of subterranean eateries to the unassuming facades of local favourites, the city’s Chinese restaurants offer a diverse array of delicacies that cater to every palate. Whether you crave the comfort of British-Chinese classics or the thrill of authentic Szechuan flavours, this guide will take you on a culinary expedition through the best Chinese dining spots in Leeds.

Underground Delights at Mans Market

Tucked away beneath the bustling streets of Leeds, Mans Market is a hidden gem that promises an exciting culinary journey. Upon descending into this realm, diners are greeted by an army of lucky cat statues, signaling the start of an unforgettable dining experience. The atmosphere is vibrant, with a well-stocked bar and a dining room adorned with contemporary Chinese decor. The menu is a tribute to Hong Kong’s culinary scene with dim sum offerings such as pork sui mai and Szechuan tofu. The heaving bao buns and sharing pans of Mongolian beef are not to be missed. The spicy Singapore flat noodles, brimming with vegetables, are a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to flavour and spice.

Located at Unit F, West Point on Wellington Street, Mans Market is a go-to destination for those in search of a unique dining environment combined with mouth-watering cuisine. It’s a testament to the city’s ability to hide some of its best treasures just out of plain sight, inviting the adventurous to explore below the surface.

Tattu’s Artistic Fusion

As you step into Tattu, the ambiance transitions to a darker, more intimate setting, with bursts of colour from the cherry blossoms and intricate tattoo-inspired art. Each dish is a work of art, carefully crafted to push the boundaries of traditional Chinese cuisine. Starters like Wagyu beef gyoza and XO scallop skewers pave the way for main courses that capture the imagination. The Shanghai black cod, dressed in a tangy blend of hoisin, ginger, and lime, showcases Tattu’s flair for innovation, while the wok-fired angry bird delivers a potent punch of heat and flavour.

This East Parade establishment is a testament to the evolving nature of Chinese cuisine in Leeds. It challenges diners to rethink their preconceptions and embrace a new, elevated interpretation of familiar flavours.

Authentic Home Cooking at Wen’s Restaurant

Wen’s Restaurant is a bastion of authenticity among the Chinese dining scene in Leeds. Its menu serves as a culinary mirror, reflecting the home-cooked meals of Chinese households. While you can find Anglo-Cantonese staples like black bean and sweet & sour dishes, the real joy lies in venturing deeper into their offerings. The iconic Wen’s dumplings, handmade by Mrs. Wen herself, are a highlight, as is the hot poached sliced lamb bathed in chilli oil. Wen’s provides an intimate atmosphere that’s perfect for a deep dive into genuine Chinese cuisine.

Situated on North Street, Wen’s Restaurant stands as a proud representative of genuine Chinese fare. Its commitment to tradition and quality has made it a beloved establishment for both the local Chinese community and adventurous foodies alike.

A New Take on Buffets at Crown Buffet

Crown Buffet redefines the concept of a Chinese buffet. Gone are the rows of pre-cooked dishes under heat lamps; in their place, a more interactive dining experience awaits. With a two-hour window, you’re invited to order as many dishes as you desire from their expansive menu, featuring everything from sesame prawn toast to more adventurous choices like ox tripe in chilli oil. The catch? There’s a one-order-per-table policy on crispy duck, but with such a wide variety available, it’s a minor compromise for the chance to indulge in an endless parade of dishes.

Located in the Academy Building on Gower Street, Crown Buffet offers a dining experience that encourages exploration and indulgence in equal measure. It’s a place where the classics are celebrated, and new favourites are waiting to be discovered.

Culinary Harmony at Sweet Basil Valley

Nestled between the suburbs of Yeadon and Rawdon, Sweet Basil Valley is where East meets West in a symphony of flavour. The unassuming exterior belies the opulence within, where the decor is as lavish as the menu. Here, Chinese and Thai cuisines unite, offering a comprehensive selection of dishes to suit everyone in your group. Highlights include salt & pepper soft shell crab and the irresistible sizzling lamb in Szechuan chilli sauce. Each dish is prepared with a meticulous attention to flavour that honours its cultural origins.

Sweet Basil Valley, located on Green Lane in Yeadon, is the embodiment of versatility in the Leeds Chinese dining landscape. It’s a place where familiar tastes are enhanced by exotic influences, creating a dining experience that is both comforting and exciting.

Woodhouse’s Vegan Haven: Wawin

Wawin is revolutionizing the Chinese dining scene in Leeds with a fully vegan menu that persuades even the most dedicated carnivores. The restaurant’s commitment to authenticity is evident in its plant-based renditions of classic Chinese dishes, offering meat-free versions of prawns, chicken, and duck. The braised aubergine in chef’s secret sauce is a standout, capturing the essence of traditional Chinese flavours without the use of animal products.

Situated in the heart of Woodhouse, Wawin Chinese is a trailblazer for vegan cuisine, demonstrating that ethical eating doesn’t have to compromise on taste or authenticity. It is a haven for those seeking plant-based options that are both satisfying and true to the spirit of Chinese cooking.

Sichuan Specialties at Joy’s Kitchen

At Joy’s Kitchen on Vicar Lane, the focus shifts to the bold and fiery tastes of Sichuan province. The restaurant’s unpretentious exterior gives way to a lively dining room where the menu is laden with both familiar dishes and less-trodden culinary paths. Daring choices like clam & winter melon soup or stir-fried aorta are available for those seeking an authentic Sichuan experience. Yet, it’s the king prawn cheung fun steamed rice rolls that have diners returning for more, their delicate texture and rich flavour encapsulating the essence of Sichuan dim sum.

Joy’s Kitchen stands as a beacon for authentic Sichuan cuisine in Leeds, inviting diners to journey through the diverse flavours of one of China’s most celebrated culinary regions.

  • Leeds offers an array of top Chinese dining spots, from Mans Market for dim sum to Wen’s Restaurant for authentic home-cooked meals, satisfying every palate.
  • Mans Market in Leeds offers Hong Kong-style dim sum and Szechuan tofu in a vibrant atmosphere below the bustling streets.
  • Tattu in Leeds provides artistic fusion dishes like Shanghai black cod in an intimate setting with tattoo-inspired art.
  • Wen’s Restaurant in Leeds serves authentic home-cooked meals like handmade dumplings and hot poached sliced lamb.
  • Crown Buffet in Leeds redefines the Chinese buffet experience with an interactive ordering system and a wide variety of dishes.

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