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Leeds City Council appeals for further support as the war in Ukraine reaches its second anniversary, with over 900 refugees welcomed under the Homes for Ukraine scheme and more hosts being sought. The council has raised over £150,000 through citywide campaigns and is organizing commemorative events while offering financial incentives for support.

How is Leeds City Council supporting Ukrainian refugees?

Leeds City Council is actively supporting Ukrainian refugees by:

  • Raising funds through citywide campaigns, garnering over £150,000.
  • Opening doors to over 900 refugees under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.
  • Seeking more hosts and providing financial incentives for support.
  • Illuminating civic buildings and organizing commemorative events.

For hosting details, visit Leeds City Council – Homes for Ukraine.

Continuing Solidarity with Ukraine

As the second anniversary of the conflict in Ukraine passes, Leeds City Council is reaching out to its residents with gratitude and an appeal for more support. Two years into the crisis, Leeds, a city recognized for its humanitarian spirit, remains at the forefront of providing aid and refuge. Councillor James Lewis, the Leader of Leeds City Council, recently highlighted the city’s unwavering support, “We in Leeds have condemned Russia’s devastating war in Ukraine from the start. On this solemn anniversary, our thoughts are particularly with our friends in Kharkiv, a city that has shown immense resilience amid adversity.”

The city’s response has been swift and significant. Immediately following the invasion, Leeds initiated a citywide fundraising effort in partnership with refugee charities. This campaign successfully raised over £150,000, an outpouring of generosity that provided immediate relief and helped newcomers settle in the city. In a demonstration of enduring camaraderie, the Lord Mayor of Leeds signed a Friendship Oath with the city of Kharkiv, symbolizing a deepening bond and a shared vision for a peaceful future.

Homes for Ukraine Scheme in Leeds

Leeds has opened its doors to over 900 Ukrainian refugees under the Homes for Ukraine scheme, yet the need for accommodations persists as the war shows no signs of abating. Councillor Mary Harland, the executive member for communities, expressed her gratitude and reiterated the call for further assistance, “The Homes for Ukraine scheme has witnessed remarkable benevolence from the people of Leeds. We’re immensely thankful but as the conflict drags on, our need for hosts grows.”

The council is not only looking for new hosts but also support for Ukrainian guests who have already made Leeds their temporary home. Hosting offers a rewarding experience, and the city council provides comprehensive support to facilitate this journey. Financial incentives, including tax-free payments and contributions to household expenses, are in place to encourage participation. Anyone in Leeds who can provide a temporary home is urged to reach out to the Homes for Ukraine team for more information.

Commemorating the Anniversary

In a display of solidarity, Leeds will illuminate civic buildings in Ukraine’s national colors of blue and yellow. The city also extends an invitation to a commemorative event organized by the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain and Leeds Ukrainian Community Association. The event is set to take place at St Anne’s Cathedral, marking the city’s support for Ukraine’s struggle for sovereignty and peace.

Leeds City Council remains committed to supporting Ukrainian refugees and stands as a beacon of hope and solidarity. The council’s Homes for Ukraine scheme embodies the city’s ongoing support for those affected by the war. For those interested in becoming a host or seeking more information, resources are readily available through the council’s dedicated channels.

For more information on the Homes for Ukraine scheme and how to become a host, please visit Leeds City Council – Homes for Ukraine.

  • Leeds City Council has raised over £150,000 through citywide campaigns to support Ukrainian refugees.
  • More than 900 refugees have been welcomed under the Homes for Ukraine scheme in Leeds.
  • The council is actively seeking more hosts and offering financial incentives for support.
  • Civic buildings in Leeds will be illuminated in blue and yellow to commemorate the second anniversary of the war in Ukraine.
  • Leeds City Council is organizing a commemorative event at St Anne’s Cathedral to show support for Ukraine’s struggle for sovereignty and peace.

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