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Leeds is a city that offers both culture and natural beauty, with three long but easy walking routes that are worth exploring. The 9-mile Sicklinghall Circular takes you through the village of Sicklinghall, Stockeld Park, Wetherby, and Lime Kiln Wood. The 10-mile Otley to Bramhope via Eccup trek features Caley Crags and Eccup Reservoir, while the 20-mile Dales Way Link from Leeds to Ilkley provides stunning landscapes and is suitable for beginners seeking a challenge.

What are some long but easy walking routes in Leeds?

  • The Sicklinghall Circular: A serene 9-mile loop starting in the village of Sicklinghall, passing through Stockeld Park, Wetherby, and Lime Kiln Wood.
  • Otley to Bramhope via Eccup: A scenic 10-mile trek from Otley to Bramhope, featuring Caley Crags and Eccup Reservoir, perfect for a half-day walk.
  • The Dales Way Link: A 20-mile journey from Leeds to Ilkley with beautiful landscapes, ideal for a full day’s hike, suitable for beginners seeking a challenge.

Leeds, a vibrant city known for its rich cultural heritage, is also a haven for nature lovers and walking enthusiasts. With its picturesque landscapes and accessible trails, the region offers an array of walking routes that cater to both seasoned ramblers and those new to the joys of hiking. Let’s delve into three long but easy walks that promise to deliver unforgettable experiences, complete with stunning vistas and tranquil paths.

The Sicklinghall Circular: A Journey Through North Leeds’ Charm

The Sicklinghall Circular is an inviting 9-mile loop that showcases the serene beauty of North Leeds. The journey begins at the heart of the quaint village of Sicklinghall, where the village pond offers a tranquil starting point. As you leave the idyllic setting behind, the trail leads you along a disused railway line, a reminder of the region’s industrial past now reclaimed by nature. This path guides you toward the enchanting grounds of Stockeld Park, a landscape that transforms with the seasons, offering a different spectacle each time you visit.

Continuing onto The Harland Way, the route meanders towards the historic market town of Wetherby. Here, the waterfront paths along the River Wharfe provide a peaceful backdrop, perfect for contemplative strolls or wildlife spotting. The path then takes a turn through the manicured expanses of a local golf course near Linton, bringing a touch of refinement to the walk. The final leg leads you to Lime Kiln Wood, where the towering trees stand as silent witnesses to the changing skies, before guiding you past the grandeur of Sicklinghall House and back to where you started. For an interactive map and more details on the Sicklinghall Circular, check out the route.

Otley to Bramhope via Eccup: A Scenic Commute Through Nature

The second route on our list is an enticing 10-mile trek from Otley to Bramhope, with a significant waypoint at Eccup Reservoir. Ideal for those who rely on public transportation, your adventure begins at Otley Bus Station. This walk will span approximately 4 to 5 hours, time well-spent amid the resplendent Yorkshire countryside. The old dismantled railway sets the stage for a journey through time, leading past Caley Hall Farm to the renowned Caley Crags. These crags invite explorers to take a moment to soak in their rugged magnificence.

As you venture beyond, The Dales Way presents well-trodden paths that beckon you towards the serene Eccup Reservoir. The walk around the reservoir is a highlight, offering both a chance to rest and to appreciate the panoramic views of the water’s reflective surface. Your path then meanders to Bramhope via the lush expanse of Golden Acre Park, a favorite among locals for its varied landscapes and thriving plant life. To embark on this journey and for additional information about the trek from Otley to Bramhope via Eccup, check out the route.

The Dales Way Link: From Leeds to Ilkley’s Panoramas

Our final featured walk is The Dales Way Link, a 20-mile expedition from Leeds to Ilkley that serves as a prelude to The Dales Way itself. While it constitutes a considerable challenge due to its length, the route remains accessible for beginners eager to immerse themselves in a full day’s hike. Starting at Woodhouse Moor, the trail offers relatively easy terrain, interspersed with the occasional hill that provides a gentle test of endurance. However, the rewards are plentiful as each elevation reveals new, breathtaking vistas.

As the path unfolds, you’ll encounter the lush Adel Woods, a verdant sanctuary that seems a world away from the city’s hustle. The historic Caley Deer Park is up next, offering glimpses of its majestic inhabitants against a backdrop of ancient woodland. The ascent to Otley Chevin unfurls a tapestry of rolling hills and verdant valleys, with the iconic Cow and Calf rocks standing as geological landmarks in the distance. This walk is not just a journey through the countryside but an exploration of Yorkshire’s most picturesque settings. For those planning this ambitious walk, ensure to allocate 8 to 10 hours and to prepare accordingly. More information and a detailed guide for The Dales Way Link can be found by checking out the route.

Each of these walks offers a unique opportunity to discover the allure of Leeds’ natural landscapes. They are perfect for those seeking the tranquility of nature without venturing too far from the comforts of the city. With only a few minor climbs and obstacles, these trails are approachable for beginners and provide a delightful introduction to the world of rambling. Whether you’re in search of a leisurely stroll or a more significant challenge, Leeds’ walking routes are sure to inspire and rejuvenate all who traverse them.

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