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Leeds will be buzzing with cosmic energy this Easter, featuring space-themed installations and activities across the city. From the Leodis Space Agency launch site on Briggate to the Alien Zoo exhibition at Merrion Centre, visitors will have a chance to explore the wonders of the universe like never before.

What space-themed activities are happening in Leeds this Easter?

Easter in Leeds is set to be a cosmic adventure with space-themed activities including the Leodis Space Agency launch site, a solar system installation on Briggate, a lunar module landing scene at Trinity Leeds, interactive workshops, the Alien Zoo mixed reality exhibition at Merrion Centre, an ISS flyby display at Leeds Railway Station, and space-themed activities at Leeds City Museum.

A Cosmic Easter: Space-Themed Adventures Descend Upon Leeds

Prepare for an Easter break that’s out of this world, as Leeds transforms into a hub of cosmic activity. The city is set to become the stomping ground for space enthusiasts and families looking for an extraordinary adventure, thanks to the initiative by LeedsBID and Welcome to Leeds. In partnership with the acclaimed Norse Sky, a set and prop builder from Keighley, Leeds will play host to the Leodis Space Agency. This extraordinary event will span from Saturday 23rd March to Sunday 14th April 2024, promising a blend of interactive experiences and interstellar intrigue.

The centerpiece of this grand cosmic endeavor is the Leodis Space Agency launch site, which will make its home on Briggate. Look upwards as you wander this iconic shopping street, and you’ll be greeted by a breathtaking solar system installation, with all eight planets represented in a vibrant display. As dusk arrives, the installation will offer a guided tour through our solar system, each step unveiling the extraordinary beauty of our neighboring planets.

Adding to the intergalactic excitement, Trinity Leeds will house a meticulously created lunar module landing scene. Visitors are invited to traverse this moonscape, which will provide an immersive foray into the wonders of space exploration. A series of space-related workshops are also on the horizon, set to be unveiled in the upcoming weeks, further enriching the experience for all participants.

Encounter Extraterrestrial Life and Witness the International Space Station Flyby

The fun doesn’t stop at interplanetary displays; the Alien Zoo, an innovative mixed reality exhibition, will make landfall at the Merrion Centre. This brainchild of XR storyteller Martin Taylor and multimedia artist Wayne Sables will challenge visitors to ponder the inhabitants of distant galaxies. This interactive exhibit will transport you into a world teeming with alien life forms, offering a taste of the universe’s boundless possibilities.

For those captivated by human spaceflight, an incredible spectacle awaits at Leeds Railway Station. Here, you can witness a display simulating the flyby of the International Space Station. This cutting-edge exhibit will give visitors a feel for the station’s orbital path and create an otherworldly ambiance in the heart of the city. It’s an experience designed to spark curiosity and awe, as one contemplates the vastness of the cosmos.

John Browse, Head of Project at Norse Sky, shares the excitement: “We are thrilled to be working with LeedsBID to design and fabricate a series of large space-theme props that will be displayed throughout Leeds city centre. The displays, though scaled down, are still massive and really put into perspective the sheer magnitude of the engineering involved in space exploration.”

Leeds City Museum Joins the Celestial Celebrations

Leeds City Museum is joining the cosmic festivities with a packed schedule of space-themed activities suitable for the entire family. From Tuesday 2nd to Thursday 4th April, the museum will transform into an interstellar playground. Visitors can expect an all-encompassing planetarium experience in the main hall, captivating cosmic crafts, and a stellar constellation trail that’s sure to dazzle aspiring astronomers of all ages.

The Leodis Space Agency event is more than an exhibition; it’s a city-wide celebration of space and science. It offers a unique opportunity for residents and visitors alike to engage with the awe-inspiring realities of our universe. As Leeds gears up to welcome astronauts, scientists, and the merely curious, there’s no doubt this will be an Easter to remember.

Brace yourselves for three enthralling weeks where science fiction meets science fact right here in Leeds. The Leodis Space Agency is set to launch imaginations into orbit, leaving a lasting impact long after the installations have departed. Mark your calendars for this cosmic journey that promises to bring the mysteries of the universe closer to home.

For more information on the Leodis Space Agency and its city-wide installations, please visit the official website.

This interstellar event is not only a testament to the city’s commitment to cultural enrichment but also reflects Leeds’ position as a dynamic hub for innovation and creativity. As the final preparations for the Leodis Space Agency are underway, anticipation builds for what will undoubtedly become a landmark event in the city’s calendar.

The cosmos awaits your exploration in Leeds. Don’t miss the chance to embark on a space odyssey that will ignite the imagination and inspire the next generation of adventurers. Join the city in its Easter transformation and take part in a celebration that’s truly out of this world.

Credit: LeedsBID and Chapter 81 for their initiatives in bringing the universe to our doorstep.

  • Leeds will host space-themed installations and activities this Easter, transforming the city into a hub of cosmic energy.
  • The Leodis Space Agency launch site on Briggate will feature a solar system installation with all eight planets represented.
  • Trinity Leeds will showcase a lunar module landing scene for visitors to explore the wonders of space exploration.
  • The Alien Zoo mixed reality exhibition at Merrion Centre will challenge visitors to ponder extraterrestrial life.
  • Leeds City Museum will offer space-themed activities including a planetarium experience and cosmic crafts for the whole family to enjoy.

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