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Leeds is gearing up for a culinary revolution with new venues like The Tetley, Little Snack Bar, and Giggling Squid set to tantalize taste buds and offer diverse dining experiences. From botanical-themed bars to indulgent chocolate cafes, the city’s upcoming attractions promise to elevate its vibrant food and drink scene to new heights, making Leeds a hotspot for culinary innovation and gastronomic delights.

What new food and drink venues are opening in Leeds?

Leeds is embracing a host of new venues, including:

  1. The Tetley – A historic brewery site transforming into a beer hub.
  2. Little Snack Bar – Taiwanese bento boxes and bubble teas coming soon.
  3. Giggling Squid – Thai cuisine with vibrant dining spaces.
  4. Treehouse – A botanical-themed bar with pizzas, pub classics, and craft beers.
  5. The Med – Greek street food delights like gyros and spanakopita.
  6. Knoops – An indulgent chocolate cafe offering a spectrum of hot chocolates.
  7. The Groucho Club (Wakefield) – A cultural icon providing luxury accommodation with artistic flair.

Leeds, a city celebrated for its dynamic food and drink scene, is poised to embrace a wave of new establishments that promise to enliven the culinary landscape. This northern hub, steeped in history and hungry for innovation, is ready to unfold a roster of venues that range from a brewery’s transformative venture to exotic Thai and Taiwanese delights. Here’s a sneak peek into the future hotspots set to make their mark on the city.

A New Chapter for The Tetley

The iconic Tetley building, once a bastion of the city’s brewing legacy, is on the cusp of a new era. While plans for its transformation into a multi-purpose business and event space are in the works, Kirkstall Brewery seizes the interim with an ambitious promise. Their vision is to create a mecca for beer aficionados, where cherished local brews and an exciting array of events will find a home. The anticipation for May 2024 is palpable among the city’s residents eager to see how this storied site will blend its past with a forward-looking vibe.

The commitment to preserving and reinvigorating local landmarks is reflective of Leeds’ respect for heritage and its adaptive reuse. In a world where sustainability is increasingly at the forefront, such initiatives showcase a dedication to environmental consciousness and community-centric development. Kirkstall Brewery’s interlude at The Tetley is not just a temporary measure but a bridge to a future where history and progression coexist harmoniously.

Delights from the East: Little Snack Bar and Giggling Squid

Leeds’ gastronomic tapestry is set to be enriched with a splash of Eastern flavors. Little Snack Bar, Sheffield’s pioneering Taiwanese eatery, is venturing into the city to tantalize taste buds with its renowned bento boxes and eclectic drinks menu. The former Opposite cafe location near the University of Leeds will soon be a hive of activity where students and locals alike can savor authentic Asian cuisine. The anticipation is building for later in 2024, when doors open to a world of fried chicken, braised pork belly, and bubble teas.

Yet, that’s not the only Eastern influence making waves. Thai food enthusiasts have reason to rejoice as Giggling Squid preps its Leeds city center debut. With a flourish of ‘Thai food with personality,’ the restaurant chain’s bright and blooming dining spaces are set to become a canvas for culinary artistry. The Park Row establishment will invite patrons to indulge in a menu that spans from salmon paneang to drunken ribs, further diversifying the city’s expansive international food scene.

Eclectic Eateries: Treehouse and The Med

In the quaint streets of Otley, a transformation is underway as Korks Wine Bar’s former spot revives with the introduction of Treehouse. The Keighley-born bar, overcoming challenges since its acquisition in May 2022, is poised to bloom into a botanical oasis. A verdant decor sets the stage for a menu that melds the familiar with the novel, offering pizzas and pub classics alongside craft beers and cocktails. This green-thumbed venture adds another layer to the region’s pub culture, promising a unique dining experience in 2024.

Meanwhile, on Woodhouse Lane, The Med is preparing to fill the void left by Oranaise’s departure. This new Greek street food joint will serve a smorgasbord of Mediterranean delights, from gyros to spanakopita, catering to the all-day cravings of Leeds’ diverse populace. The city’s culinary tapestry is ever-expanding, and The Med’s offering of flavors from the sun-soaked Aegean is a welcomed addition.

Indulgent Indulgences: Knoops’ Chocolate Haven

Chocoholics rejoice, for Trinity Leeds is soon to be home to Knoops, the chocolatier renowned for transforming hot chocolate into an art form. Their upcoming cafe and shop are set to feature a chocolate spectrum that ranges from the delicate 28% white to an intense 100% dark. This will be more than just a place for indulgence; it will be an experiential journey through the nuances of chocolate, where every sip is crafted to perfection. The Yorkshire debut of Knoops is a testament to Leeds’ growing appeal as a destination for premium brands and gourmet experiences.

A Cultural Icon Expands North: The Groucho Club

While not within the Leeds boundary, the Groucho Club’s arrival in Wakefield is significant enough to merit attention. The London cultural institution’s expansion to Yorkshire, taking over the historical Bretton Hall, is set to blend luxury accommodation with artistic flair. The 40-room venue, nestled in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park grounds, will extend the benefits of club membership to non-members during their stay, marking late 2026 as the opening of this epic hotel.

In conclusion, Leeds is on the brink of a transformative influx of new venues and flavors, each bringing its own unique charm to the city’s dynamic landscape. From the thoughtful rejuvenation of The Tetley to the international zest of Little Snack Bar and the Giggling Squid, the city’s future looks as diverse as it is delicious. Treehouse and The Med join the fray, offering their own takes on culinary comfort, while Knoops promises to satiate the sweet tooth of locals and visitors alike. And just a stone’s throw away, The Groucho Club is poised to become a beacon of culture and luxury in Wakefield. As each of these establishments prepares to open their doors, they collectively paint a vibrant picture of a city ever-evolving, ever-enticing.

  • Leeds is welcoming new venues like The Tetley, Little Snack Bar, and Giggling Squid to elevate its food and drink scene.
  • The Tetley is transforming into a beer hub, while Little Snack Bar offers Taiwanese bento boxes and bubble teas.
  • Giggling Squid brings vibrant Thai cuisine to Leeds, and Treehouse offers a botanical-themed bar experience.
  • Knoops is an indulgent chocolate cafe opening in Trinity Leeds, catering to chocoholics with a spectrum of hot chocolates.
  • The Groucho Club, expanding to Wakefield, will provide luxury accommodation with artistic flair in late 2026.

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