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Leeds is set to welcome 6 exciting new venues soon: Honey, Pranzo, Köfe, Ottimo Pizza, Kofi & Co., and Scoffs, adding to the city’s diverse culinary and shopping scene. From vintage fashion to Middle Eastern coffee, wood-fired pizzas, premium coffee, and expanded vegan eats, these openings promise to bring fresh flavors and experiences to Leeds’ residents and visitors.

What new openings are coming to Leeds soon?

Leeds is welcoming several new venues, adding to its dynamic culinary and shopping scene:

  1. Honey: A vintage fashion boutique in the Leeds Corn Exchange.
  2. Pranzo: Authentic Italian cuisine in Horsforth.
  3. Köfe: Middle Eastern coffee and bites in Hyde Park.
  4. Ottimo Pizza: Artisanal wood-fired pizzas in Oakwood.
  5. Kofi & Co.: Premium coffee and food in Roundhay.
  6. Scoffs: Expanded vegan eatery in Horsforth.

Leeds, a city known for its dynamic culinary scene and vibrant shopping culture, is set to see an array of exciting new openings in the coming months. From vintage fashion to gourmet pizzas and Middle Eastern delights, the city’s offerings are about to become even more diverse. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from these anticipated arrivals.

Vintage Fashion Finds its New Hive at Honey

For those with a passion for past fashion, a thrilling announcement comes with the opening of Honey in the iconic Leeds Corn Exchange. Imagine racks filled with eclectic styles spanning different decades, from the boho chic of the ’70s to the bold statements of the ’90s. What started as an online treasure trove for vintage aficionados is now morphing into a tangible boutique where you can sift through one-of-a-kind finds.

  • Launch Date: Slated for Saturday, 9th March 2024
  • Specialties: A mix of vintage clothing and house-made jewelry
  • Future Plans: Introducing products from local artisans

The store doesn’t just stop at vintage clothing; it’s a hub for creativity and craftsmanship. Along with retro outfits, shoppers can find handcrafted jewelry and hair accessories, all made in-house with the promise of future collaborations with other local creators.

Pranzo: A New Italian Delicacy on the Horizon

Italian cuisine enthusiasts have reason to celebrate as Pranzo Italian announces its new location in Horsforth. This eatery already enjoys popularity in Ilkley and Harrogate, but the new site promises the same devotion to authentic Italian cooking. Chef Marco Greco’s summer trips to Italy inspire his hand-made pasta dishes, which embody traditional flavors and family recipes.

  • Opening: Coming to Town Street, Horsforth in May 2024
  • What to Expect: Dishes like beef shin pappardelle, wild mushroom ravioli, and seafood bigoli
  • Chef’s Inspiration: Greco’s Italian family recipes and techniques

The atmosphere at Pranzo is set to be a cozy one, inviting diners to not just savor the meals but also to immerse themselves in Italian dining culture.

Köfe’s Middle Eastern Aromas Wafting into Hyde Park

Köfe is bringing its Middle Eastern flair to a new neighborhood with a kiosk opening in Hyde Park. Renowned for their specialty coffee and an array of delectable bites, Köfe is about to make its mark on Woodsley Road. This establishment promises a casual yet authentic experience, with a menu that includes both light and hearty options.

  • Launch: Scheduled for spring 2024
  • Menu Highlights: Special blend coffee, handmade samosas, burgers, and shawarma
  • Venue: A convenient kiosk setup for quick and delicious meals

Residents and visitors alike can look forward to grabbing a quick, flavorful bite or a cup of Köfe’s exceptional coffee blend on the go.

Ottimo Pizza: A Wood-Fired Dream Joint Venture

Nick Julian of Pizza Freak and Paul Bolster of Tasty Kitchen & Coffee are setting their sights on Oakwood to launch Ottimo Pizza. This new joint promises to uphold the legacy of wood-fired pizzas with high-quality ingredients. The focus here will be on artisanal pizzas complemented by a selection of small plates perfect for sharing with friends and family.

  • Opening Date: March 2024
  • Location: Taking over the former Pizza Loco spot on Roundhay Road, Oakwood
  • Menu Philosophy: Exceptional ingredients, perfected dough process, and shared dining experience

Ottimo Pizza aims to become a new local favorite, offering a place where good food and good company go hand in hand.

Kofi & Co. to Pour its Signature Blends in Roundhay

Kofi & Co., beloved in Wetherby for their premium coffee and satisfying eats, is expanding its presence to Leeds. Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate the meticulous blend of beans sourced from across the globe and roasted in York. The food menu is equally impressive, featuring all-day options that cater to a variety of tastes and cravings.

  • Grand Opening: March 2024 in Roundhay
  • Coffee Blend: A rich combination of beans from Brazil, Honduras, Columbia, and Vietnam
  • Food Menu: An extensive selection from breakfast favorites to lunch specials

Kofi & Co. seeks to deliver an exceptional dining experience that starts with a great cup of coffee and ends with a satisfied appetite.

Scoffs: Vegan Delights Expand Their Reach in Horsforth

Scoffs stands as a testament to the burgeoning popularity of vegan cuisine. Its success in Horsforth has paved the way for a new outlet, set to open across from the original location. This expansion responds to the growing demand for Scoffs’ plant-based creations, promising more space for guests to indulge in their diverse, healthful and delicious menu.

  • New Location: 79 New Road Side, Horsforth, opening later in 2024
  • Menu Favorites: Buddha bowls, Scoffs eggs, and various vegan delights
  • Expansion Reason: The need for more space due to increasing popularity

With its new premises, Scoffs continues its commitment to providing flavorful, ethical food options to Leeds’ community of food lovers.

These six new ventures are just a glimpse of the evolving landscape in Leeds, each bringing its unique flavor and flair to the city. Whether you’re a fashion lover, a foodie, or a coffee enthusiast, these openings offer exciting new destinations to explore and enjoy. Keep an eye out for these spots and prepare to indulge in what they have to offer.

  • Leeds is set to welcome 6 exciting new venues soon: Honey, Pranzo, Köfe, Ottimo Pizza, Kofi & Co., and Scoffs.
  • Honey will be a vintage fashion boutique in the Leeds Corn Exchange.
  • Pranzo will offer authentic Italian cuisine in Horsforth, inspired by Chef Marco Greco’s family recipes.
  • Köfe will bring Middle Eastern coffee and bites to Hyde Park in a casual setting.
  • Ottimo Pizza, a joint venture by Nick Julian and Paul Bolster, will specialize in artisanal wood-fired pizzas in Oakwood.
  • Kofi & Co. will offer premium coffee and food in Roundhay, expanding its presence from Wetherby.
  • Scoffs, a popular vegan eatery, will open a new location in Horsforth to meet the growing demand for plant-based options.

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