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Leeds is gearing up to host the UK Corporate Games 2024, Europe’s largest multi-sport festival for businesses, from July 25 to 28. The event is expected to boost the local economy by £2 million and showcase Leeds as a sporting and business hub, featuring over 20 sports and prioritizing sustainability and economic growth.

What is the UK Corporate Games 2024 and what impact will it have on Leeds?

The UK Corporate Games 2024 is Europe’s largest multi-sport festival for businesses, set to run from July 25 to 28 in Leeds. It’s expected to bring a £2 million boost to the local economy and enhance Leeds’s reputation as a sporting and business hub. The event will feature over 20 sports and aims to be eco-friendly, emphasizing sustainability, social enrichment, and economic growth.

As the Anticipation Builds

Leeds has become a buzzword in the world of corporate sports and business, as the city gears up for a monumental event. In September of last year, an announcement set the stage for Leeds to host the 2024 UK Corporate Games. This multi-sport festival is not just Europe’s largest, but a beacon for businesses to showcase team spirit and competitive edge. The launch event held recently at Cloth Hall Court on Quebec Street brought together more than 100 representatives from various businesses. The Lord Mayor of Leeds, Councillor Al Garthwaite, captured the sentiment of the city when she emphasized the integral nature of sports in city life.

During the event, attendees were treated to insights from Games director Doug White, with presenter Tanya Arnold leading the proceedings. An engaging panel discussion featured noteworthy figures from diverse sectors, including Sam Glenister-Batey of the University of Leeds and Lyndon Wood from Myzone. These dialogues provided a prelude to the collaborative environment that the Games encourage. The UK Corporate Games, slated to run from July 25 to 28, promise not only to elevate Leeds’s profile as a sporting and business hub but also to stimulate the local economy with an expected £2 million injection.

The Games are renowned for their inclusivity, allowing participants from a spectrum of companies to compete in over 20 sports. The venues are poised to become landmarks of this grand event, with the John Charles Centre for Sport, Leeds Dock, and the Brownlee Centre among the confirmed locations. Athletes and amateurs alike will vie for excellence in sports ranging from badminton to ten-pin bowling, making the Games a true reflection of the diversity and vibrancy of corporate culture.

A City United by Sport and Business

Leeds’s selection as the host city is the fruit of a joint effort by the Leeds City Council and the University of Leeds. Their bid underlines the city’s dual identity as a cradle for both business and athletic prowess. Leeds has shown its capacity to host large-scale sporting events, as evidenced by the AJ Bell World Triathlon Championship Series and the Westfield Health British Transplant Games. These successes set a precedent for what is expected to be a remarkable rendition of the UK Corporate Games.

Councillor Jonathan Pryor expressed the growing excitement, “Anticipation for the UK Corporate Games has been growing steadily in the months since we were confirmed as hosts and, following Tuesday’s launch, I’m sure more and more people will be signing up to take part.” Leeds is no stranger to the limelight, but the Corporate Games represent a unique opportunity to blend the city’s commercial and athletic ambitions into a single, unifying celebration. Moreover, the event is poised to be a milestone in sustainability, with strategies in place to make it the most eco-friendly Games yet.

With a commitment to a sustainable future and an eye on the exhilarating summer ahead, Leeds is set to welcome all participants with open arms. “We can’t wait to welcome everyone involved to Leeds for what promises to be a really exciting and memorable few days. Roll on the summer!” added Councillor Pryor. The city’s leadership clearly recognizes the economic and social enrichment that the Games offer, fostering a spirit of collaboration and environmental responsibility.

The Economic and Social Impact of the Games

The significance of the Games extends beyond the sports fields; they are a catalyst for economic growth and community engagement. Doug White, director of the UK Corporate Games, spoke of his delight at the launch, “It was fantastic to welcome over 100 representatives to find out more about the benefits of getting involved in the Games and the economic impact they will bring to the city.” The anticipation for the influx of participants and spectators from over 100 companies is palpable. The Corporate Games are expected to leave an indelible mark on Leeds, reinforcing its stature as a premier destination for corporate sports.

A roster of local organizations have already pledged their participation. Names like AMT Auto, Burberry, and Luxury Flooring signal a strong corporate presence. This list also includes Pure Retirement, Arla Foods, New Balance Teamsports, John Lewis & Partners, Nexus Leeds, and Hatch. The diversity of these companies underscores the Games’ extensive reach, uniting sectors under the banner of sport.

For individuals and businesses eager to learn more or get involved, the channels for information are open. Queries can be directed to, or by phone at 01733 838444. More information, including details about the entry process, is available on the event’s website: UK Corporate Games 2024. As the days count down to the celebration of sport and business synergy, Leeds stands ready to host an event that is likely to resonate well beyond the summer of 2024.


  • The UK Corporate Games 2024 is Europe’s largest multi-sport festival for businesses, taking place in Leeds from July 25 to 28.
  • The event is expected to boost the local economy by £2 million and showcase Leeds as a sporting and business hub.
  • Over 20 sports will be featured at the event, with a focus on sustainability, social enrichment, and economic growth.
  • Leeds was selected as the host city due to its reputation for hosting large-scale sporting events and its dual identity as a hub for business and athletic prowess.
  • The Games are not just about sports, but also serve as a catalyst for economic growth and community engagement, with over 100 companies participating.

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