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Leeds is currently undergoing a housing boom with a variety of new build homes available, including eco-friendly options at Climate Innovation District starting from £332,500, suburban living at Whitehall Grange from £270,000, and modern amenities at Greenlock Place from £279,995. These developments cater to different lifestyles and budgets, making Leeds an appealing city for new residents looking for quality housing options.

What new build homes are currently available in Leeds?

  • Climate Innovation District: Eco-friendly 2-4 bed homes from £332,500.
  • Whitehall Grange: Suburban 2-4 bed homes from £270,000.
  • Greenlock Place: 2-5 bed homes with modern amenities from £279,995.
  • Laneside: Affordable 2-4 bed homes from £274,950.
  • The Moorings: Canal-side 2-4 bed homes from £264,995.

Leeds, a vibrant city in the heart of Yorkshire, is experiencing a boom in new housing developments. With a range of properties catering to different lifestyles and budgets, the city is primed to welcome new residents into its fold. This article will take you through some of the most sought-after new build homes that are currently under construction in Leeds.

Climate Innovation District

One of the most innovative housing developments in Leeds is the Climate Innovation District, created by the forward-thinking developers at Citu. These homes are not only a statement of modern living but also a testament to sustainability. Situated along the River Aire, the district offers two, three, and four-bedroom houses that are constructed using a pioneering timber frame technique right on-site. These homes are powered entirely by renewable energy sources, making them as eco-friendly as they are beautiful.

The district promotes a new way of city living with a focus on community and green spaces. Future residents will be stakeholders in their community, influencing the development and maintenance of shared spaces. With amenities like Piglove Microbrewery and parks nearby, it’s an alluring prospect for anyone who values sustainability without sacrificing convenience.

Whitehall Grange

Developed by Redrow, Whitehall Grange in New Farnley offers a blend of the rural and urban. Situated with a view of Leeds city centre, these homes are ideal for those who enjoy tranquil suburban life but still want easy access to urban amenities. The development features a range of two to four-bedroom homes, including the spacious Cambridge model, perfect for growing families.

Beyond the walls of these prestigious homes lies Farnley Hall Park, a dream for outdoor enthusiasts with its gardens and sports facilities. Excellent transport links, a selection of schools, and local amenities like supermarkets and cricket clubs add to the charm of living in Whitehall Grange.

Greenlock Place

Avant Homes’ Greenlock Place in Skelton Lakes is another exciting development that is drawing attention with its high-quality homes that cater to a variety of needs. The properties range from two to five bedrooms and boast spacious rooms, exclusive kitchen designs with integrated appliances, and energy-saving features like solar panels.

The development doesn’t just offer beautiful homes – it’s set to become a self-sufficient community with a school, nursery, food store, and medical centre. Ideal for commuters due to its proximity to major motorways and the Woodlesford Station, Greenlock Place is also adjacent to Skelton Country Park, offering residents immediate access to nature.


For those starting out on the property ladder, Laneside by Persimmon Homes in Morley presents an appealing collection of two to four-bedroom homes. These homes are designed with the modern lifestyle in mind, offering contemporary layouts and the option to include upgrades separate from the mortgage, keeping repayments manageable.

Laneside benefits from its location in Morley, a suburb that’s become a hotspot for commuters due to excellent transport links. The area boasts scenic parks like Cherwell Park, access to top schools, and a vibrant community, making it an ideal place for building a life and raising a family.

The Moorings

The Moorings, overlooking the Aire and Calder Navigation Canal in Woodlesford, is a serene development that offers a range of two to four-bedroom homes. Each property is designed to maximize space and natural light, with features like open-plan living areas and balconies that overlook the waterfront.

Located in the peaceful village of Woodlesford, residents of The Moorings enjoy both the tranquility of canal-side living and the convenience of good transport links, including a local train station. The surrounding area offers excellent schools, outdoor activities, and shopping options at The Springs, making it an attractive choice for families.

By providing a diverse range of new build homes, Leeds continues to establish itself as a city that caters to various demographics, from first-time buyers to large families. Each development not only promises a roof over your head but a lifestyle that suits your pace and preferences. With more developments on the horizon, the city’s growth seems to not only persist but accelerate, welcoming new residents to enjoy all that Leeds has to offer.

  • Leeds is undergoing a housing boom with new build homes available at various price points and catering to different lifestyles.
  • Climate Innovation District offers eco-friendly 2-4 bed homes starting from £332,500, focusing on sustainability and community living.
  • Whitehall Grange in New Farnley provides suburban 2-4 bed homes from £270,000 with views of Leeds city centre and nearby amenities.
  • Greenlock Place in Skelton Lakes offers 2-5 bed homes with modern amenities starting from £279,995, creating a self-sufficient community.
  • Laneside by Persimmon Homes in Morley presents affordable 2-4 bed homes from £274,950 designed for modern living and ideal for commuters.

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