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Leeds is home to a vibrant selection of indie shops where you can find unique gifts. From art and design treasures at Colours May Vary to whimsical wonders at Giant Kitten, there is something for everyone at Leeds Corn Exchange.

Where to Buy the Best Gifts in Leeds?

Leeds boasts a vibrant selection of indie shops perfect for finding unique gifts. Don’t miss the art and design treasures at Colours May Vary, local craftsmanship at The Great Yorkshire Shop, whimsical wonders at Giant Kitten, and handmade pieces from Indie Makers, all at Leeds Corn Exchange. Explore Chirpy for design-led items, Tandem for bohemian chic, Simcha Gallery for handcrafted jewelry, and Flavour Like Fancy for bright crafts. Discover contemporary art at Village, artisanal gifts at Fabrication Crafts, plants at The Plant Point, global goods at Yellow Sunrise, and prints at Beam Works.

As the festive season approaches, finding that perfect gift becomes a top priority. In Leeds, a city known for its vibrant shopping scene, there’s no shortage of unique and charming shops where you can find something special for your loved ones. This guide will navigate you through some of the best indie gift shops in Leeds, each offering an array of distinctive products that cater to all tastes and preferences.

Colours May Vary

Nestled within the architectural beauty of the Leeds Corn Exchange, Colours May Vary stands as an indie icon. The shop is a haven for those with an appreciation for the aesthetic, stocking a carefully curated selection of art and design books. “They’re known for their selection of beautiful art and design books,” a statement which underscores their reputation. Alongside these literary treasures, the shop offers an eclectic mix of gifts, from psychedelic mugs to Copenhagen-made crystal blobs. Shopping at Colours May Vary is more than a transaction; it’s an opportunity to discover items that are as unique as they are delightful.

Address: Colours May Vary, Leeds Corn Exchange, Call Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 7BR.

The Great Yorkshire Shop

For those who embody the spirit of Yorkshire or have come to embrace the charm of the north, The Great Yorkshire Shop stands out as an essential destination. Located in the Leeds Corn Exchange, this shop celebrates local craftsmanship. It features a range of products from Yorkshire cookbooks that capture the essence of local cuisine to whimsical graphic babygrows. “They even stock food and drink,” highlighting the shop’s commitment to offering a truly local experience, complete with Leeds-inspired coffee blends.

Address: The Great Yorkshire Shop, Leeds Corn Exchange, Call Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 7BR.

Giant Kitten

Immerse yourself in a world of whimsy at Giant Kitten, where the kawaii culture of Japan meets the indie artistry of the UK. This shop in the Leeds Corn Exchange is a treasure trove of unique gifts, including collectibles and novelties that span from the adorable Pusheen lunch boxes to the nostalgic Hello Kitty plushies. For those with a sweet tooth, an array of exotic treats like key lime pie Kit Kats await. Giant Kitten is a celebration of color and character, a place where every item promises to bring a smile.

Address: Giant Kitten, Leeds Corn Exchange, Call Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 7BR.

Indie Makers

At Indie Makers, the name says it all. This shop is a champion of independent artisans, showcasing their creativity through a vast array of gifts. It’s a space where you can find everything from charming felt-faced plants to polymer clay heart-shaped earrings. “You’ll often find mini pop-ups from the makers themselves,” ensuring that the connection between artist and patron is as personal as the gifts themselves.

Address: Indie Makers, Leeds Corn Exchange, Call Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 7BR.

On The Wall

For the interior design enthusiasts or those looking to add flair to their living spaces, On The Wall presents an impressive selection of art prints, posters, and greeting cards. Their inventory boasts a wide range of visual delights, such as anime posters and vintage Vogue covers. The store goes beyond mere selling; they offer custom framing services by members of the Fine Art Trade Guild, ensuring that each gift is not just a purchase, but a piece of artistry.

Address: On The Wall, Leeds Corn Exchange, Call Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 7BR.


Chirpy, situated in the heart of Chapel Allerton, is a design-led lifestyle store that epitomizes the term ‘handpicked’. Here, the focus is on locally produced and handmade items. The selection ranges from stylish pompom cushions to herringbone throws, each item reflecting a modern aesthetic. The owner’s discerning eye for design ensures that every gift from Chirpy is both unique and of impeccable taste.

Address: Chirpy, 148 Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 4NZ.


In Meanwood, Tandem offers a lesson in contemporary bohemian chic. This homeware shop is the brainchild of two designers passionate about interior styling. Shoppers can expect to find a juxtaposition of new and ‘rescued’ items. Tandem’s inventory includes beautifully speckled stoneware bowls and soft, patterned kimonos. The store also features a cozy coffee shop, perfect for a contemplative break amidst shopping.

Address: Tandem, 574 Meanwood Rd, Meanwood, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 4AZ.

Simcha Gallery

Simcha Gallery stands as a beacon for those seeking exquisite, handcrafted jewelry. Located in the Leeds Corn Exchange, this gallery is the studio of master craftsman Stephen Roper. It offers a stunning array of rings, necklaces, and earrings inspired by the organic forms of nature. Here, one can buy ready-made pieces or commission bespoke jewelry. “They also stock ceramics, cards, and accessories,” ensuring a diverse range of options for gift seekers.

Address: Simcha Gallery, Leeds Corn Exchange, Call Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 7BR.

Flavour Like Fancy

The vibrant facade of Flavour Like Fancy in Headingley is impossible to overlook. This shop celebrates the craft of local and national makers, with an array of items that are as bright and cheerful as the store itself. From patterned pouches to original pin badges, the gifts here are crafted with a personal touch. The shop also showcases the owner’s own jewelry line, adding an exclusive flair to the collection.

Address: Flavour Like Fancy, Arndale Centre, Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 2UE.


For the aficionados of contemporary art and culture, Village is a sanctuary. The shop is stocked with an extensive selection of photobooks, magazines, and zines that cater to varied artistic tastes. Set in Thornton’s Arcade, Village also carries rare and collectible editions, ensuring that gifts from here are not just thoughtful, but potentially one-of-a-kind.

Address: Village, 10-12 Thornton’s Arcade, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6LQ.

Fabrication Crafts

Fabrication Crafts operates as both a social enterprise and a treasure trove for unique gifts. Celebrating over a decade of supporting indie crafters, the shop offers a diverse range of products, from luxurious body butter to driftwood art. Fabrication Crafts exemplifies the joy of discovering the perfect gift amidst a plethora of artisanal wonders.

Address: Fabrication Crafts, 79 Albion Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5AP.

The Plant Point

The Plant Point transforms the top of Leeds Corn Exchange into an urban jungle. This store is ideal for those looking to gift a touch of greenery. With a range that includes terrariums and towering birds of paradise, it caters to both seasoned plant enthusiasts and newcomers. The knowledgeable sisters behind The Plant Point are on hand to help customers select the right plant or to offer advice on plant care.

Address: The Plant Point, Leeds Corn Exchange, Call Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 7BR.

Yellow Sunrise

At Yellow Sunrise, the world comes to you through a curated collection of goods from across the globe. This boutique is a testament to ethical sourcing and features items that tell a story – from Japanese sake sets to Indian kilim rugs. It’s an emporium that not only offers gifts but also an appreciation for the diverse cultures they represent.

Address: Yellow Sunrise, Central Arcade, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6DX.

Beam Works

A fusion of printing studio and indie maker space, Beam Works has become a cornerstone of the Leeds gift-buying landscape. Using premium paper from renowned mills and collaborating with local artists, the store produces prints of exceptional beauty. In addition, shoppers can find an array of handcrafted items, from macrame plant hangers to vases, all adding a touch of personality to the act of gifting.

Address: Beam Works, 5 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 3AA.

In summary, Leeds offers a remarkable variety of independent shops that cater to the discerning gift-giver. Each store presents not just products but experiences, stories, and a connection to the community. From the art-driven aesthetics of Colours May Vary to the global treasures of Yellow Sunrise, the city showcases an abundance of options for those seeking that special something. Whether it’s for the festive season or just to show appreciation, these shops provide a treasure trove of gifting possibilities.

  • Leeds is home to a vibrant selection of indie shops where you can find unique gifts.
  • Some of the best indie gift shops in Leeds include Colours May Vary, The Great Yorkshire Shop, Giant Kitten, Indie Makers, and On The Wall.
  • Each shop offers a distinctive range of gifts, from art and design books to handcrafted jewelry and contemporary art.
  • The shops in Leeds Corn Exchange, such as Colours May Vary and Giant Kitten, are known for their eclectic and whimsical selection of gifts.
  • Other shops in Leeds, like Chirpy and Tandem, focus on design-led items and contemporary bohemian chic, respectively.

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