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In Leeds, a lunchtime adventure awaits, with Kirkgate Market, Bubble Sing, Bundobust, and other culinary treasures beckoning diners to indulge in a symphony of flavors. From historic street food markets to hidden gems inside breweries, these spots promise not just a meal but an experience that captures the vibrant essence of the city.

What are the best places for lunch in Leeds?

Here are some top lunch spots in Leeds:
1. Kirkgate Market – a historical market offering diverse street food.
2. Bubble Sing – offers authentic and affordable Asian cuisine inside Sing Kee Oriental Supermarket.
3. Bundobust – a vegetarian Indian street food eatery with great deals.
4. Little Bao Boy – located in North Brewing Co., known for Asian fusion bao buns.
5. The Cheesy Living Co. – located in the Corn Exchange, perfect for cheese lovers.
6. The Northern Market – features a variety of street food vendors.
7. Rola Wala – fast-casual Indian street food with a focus on healthy options.
8. Trinity Kitchen – a food court with a rotating selection of street food trucks.

Leeds boasts an array of dining options that are sure to excite those in pursuit of a delightful midday meal. Occupying the bustling city streets and tucked-away nooks are establishments that not only offer a gratifying meal but also promise an experience that could be the highlight of any day. From the fragrant corridors of street food markets to the polished tables of high-end eateries, Leeds presents a culinary landscape rich with variety.

A Carousel of Flavours: Kirkgate Market

Nestled in the heart of the city, Leeds Kirkgate Market stands as a historical landmark, a bastion of commerce since the 19th century. Nowadays, it entices a modern crowd, thanks in part to the Market Kitchen, a section of the market transformed into a bustling street food arena. Here, vendors plate up a cornucopia of cuisines, ensuring a choice for every palate. Jenny’s Jerk Chicken offers fiery Caribbean flair, and Fat Annie’s showcases American classics with a twist. If your tastes lean towards the East, Mr Mackerel serves up skewers that might as well have been grilled in the backstreets of Istanbul.

The ambience of Kirkgate Market only adds to the dining experience. The hum of conversation mixes with the sizzle and pop of cooking, creating a symphony for the senses. It’s more than just a place to eat; it’s a living, breathing part of Leeds’ heritage. A visit to Kirkgate Market isn’t merely about satisfying hunger; it’s about partaking in a piece of the city’s soul.

Asian Delights in an Urban Oasis: Bubble Sing

Tucked inside the Sing Kee Oriental Supermarket lies a culinary treasure known as Bubble Sing. This food counter might be compact, but its offerings are vast, presenting a selection of Asian dishes that are both authentic and affordable. Begin with a nibble on char siu bao buns or spicy chicken wings, before diving into heartier mains like vegetable chow mein or the ever-popular chicken katsu curry. With prices starting at just £6.99, it’s a lunch spot that’s kind to your wallet without compromising on taste.

The real standout at Bubble Sing might just be their namesake bubble tea. This Taiwanese specialty has enjoyed a surge in popularity, and Bubble Sing serves up some of the best in Leeds, with a variety of flavors and textures to choose from. It’s the ideal refreshing accompaniment to your meal, and perhaps even worth a visit on its own.

Vegetarian Visions at Bundobust

Vegetarian food often gets a bad rap for being bland, but Bundobust on Mill Hill shatters that stereotype with its vibrant Indian street food. This eatery has fast become a Leeds lunchtime institution, and it’s not hard to see why. The menu’s foundation is built on vegetarian and vegan fare, packed with flavor and served with a side of casual cool. Signature dishes like the Bundo chaat, spiced egg bhurji, and tarka dhal are just a few examples that showcase the spices and textures of Indian cuisine.

For those looking to make the most of their lunch hour, Bundobust offers an enticing deal – two dishes for £9.95 on weekday afternoons. It’s an opportunity to sample multiple facets of their menu, perhaps paired with one of their craft beers. Bundobust doesn’t just serve food; it serves an experience, one that reflects the eclectic, inclusive spirit of Leeds itself.

The Hidden Gem of North Brewing Co.: Little Bao Boy

Residing within the North Brewing Co. taproom, Little Bao Boy is an establishment that has quickly gained a following for its soft, fluffy bao buns. Here, the buns are filled with a fusion of Asian flavors, offering patrons a quick, affordable, and utterly delectable lunch option. With single bao priced at £5.50 or a pair for £10, it’s a filling lunch that won’t break the bank.

The menu at Little Bao Boy is a testament to the innovation found in Leeds’ culinary scene. From the classic homemade KFB (Korean Fried Bao) to the vegetarian-friendly salt and pepper aubergine, these bao buns are more than just food; they’re a conversation starter. And with North Brewing Co.’s selection of beers on tap, why not take a bao break during your lunch and enjoy the taproom’s laid-back vibe?

Cheesy Decadence at The Cheesy Living Co.

The Corn Exchange, an architectural marvel and a hub for independent retailers, is also the home of The Cheesy Living Co., a sanctuary for those who dream in cheese. If a cheese-centric lunch sounds like your idea of heaven, look no further. This spot offers a range of pastries, but the star of their midday menu is the indulgent focaccia sandwich, with fillings that range from brie and red onion to Yorkshire pastrami, starting at £7.95.

The Cheesy Living Co. represents the indulgent side of Leeds’ lunch offerings. It’s where comfort food is celebrated, and the humble cheese is elevated to new heights. It’s a place where you can savor the richness of cheese-draped roast potatoes or a Scotch egg, and where each bite feels like a guilty pleasure.

The Northern Market: A Taste of Collaboration

At The Northern Market, the spirit of collaboration shines brightly. This subterranean space is a joint effort between Northern Monk and Falafel Guys, and the result is a food haven that caters to diverse tastes. Here, you’ll discover four street food vendors, each bringing something unique to the table. Big Buns delivers on the promise of juicy burgers, Six Slice redefines pizza, and The Lucky Snake presents a blend of Vietnamese and other Asian favorites. Meanwhile, Falafel Guys continue to serve their Middle Eastern specialties.

The Northern Market isn’t just a food destination; it’s a representation of the community-centric ethos that permeates Leeds. It’s a space where different cuisines coexist harmoniously, offering a lunch experience that’s varied and vibrant.

Indian Flavours Fast-Tracked: Rola Wala

For those with a penchant for Indian street food, Rola Wala at Trinity Kitchen stands as a beacon of flavor and speed. This fast-casual eatery takes pride in dishing out naan rolls, rice bowls, and curry bowls in a jiffy without skimping on taste. Chicken tikka, channa dal, and spiced beef are among the choices to top off your meal, accompanied by an array of fresh vegetables and sauces.

Rola Wala is an example of how fast food can be both nutritious and delicious. The meals here are designed to be under 600 calories, providing a wholesome lunch option for under a tenner. It’s the convenience of fast food with the soul of street food.

The Street Food Cornucopia: Trinity Kitchen

Trinity Kitchen elevates the concept of a food court to something much grander. This destination within the Trinity Leeds shopping centre is a melting pot of permanent eateries and a rotating cast of street food trucks. On any given day, you could be biting into a smash burger, relishing a bowl of poutine, or unwrapping a Middle Eastern shawarma pita. It’s the culinary diversity of Leeds condensed into one vibrant and buzzing space.

The beauty of Trinity Kitchen is in the ever-changing lineup of food vendors, ensuring that each visit offers a new adventure for your taste buds. It’s an embodiment of Leeds’ dynamic and ever-evolving food scene, where the only certainty is delicious unpredictability.

  • Kirkgate Market in Leeds offers a diverse range of street food options in a historical setting.
  • Bubble Sing, located inside Sing Kee Oriental Supermarket, serves authentic and affordable Asian cuisine, including bubble tea.
  • Bundobust is a popular vegetarian Indian street food eatery known for its flavorful dishes and weekday deals.
  • Little Bao Boy, located in North Brewing Co., offers Asian fusion bao buns at affordable prices.
  • The Cheesy Living Co. in the Corn Exchange is a must-visit for cheese lovers with indulgent focaccia sandwiches starting at £7.95.

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