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Leeds Pride 2024 on Sunday, 21st July will captivate attendees with a vibrant parade, star-studded performances by Sonique and Louisa Johnson, and an array of street food vendors. This celebration of LGBTQ+ unity and community spirit showcases Leeds’ commitment to diversity and inclusion.

When is Leeds Pride 2024 and what can attendees expect?

Leeds Pride 2024 is scheduled for Sunday, 21st July. Attendees can expect a vibrant parade, expansive line-up of live acts including Sonique and Louisa Johnson, two stages of musical diversity, and an inclusive celebration with enhanced facilities and street food vendors. The event encapsulates Leeds’ dedication to LGBTQ+ community spirit and unity.

Leeds, renowned for its rich cultural tapestry, is once again poised to host Yorkshire’s largest and most vibrant LGBTQ+ celebration—Leeds Pride. Now in its 19th year, the festival marks a high point in the city’s summer calendar with an array of live acts, street parties, and a parade that’s become a symbol of inclusivity and joy. Scheduled for Sunday 21st July 2024, Leeds Pride is a testament to the city’s continuing commitment to diversity and community spirit.

An Unparalleled Line-Up of Entertainment

A Star-Studded Stage Awaits

The excitement for Leeds Pride 2024 reaches new heights as top-tier performers are set to grace the main stage on Lower Briggate. Headliner Sonique, the internationally acclaimed DJ and singer, will electrify crowds with her chart-topping hits such as ‘Sky’ and ‘It Feels So Good’. She will be in the distinguished company of X-Factor victor and Clean Bandit collaborator Louisa Johnson, ensuring a powerhouse of musical talent captivates the audience.

A Showcase of Local and International Talent

Accompanying the headliners is an entourage of Yorkshire’s most dynamic drag acts and a special performance by a Madonna tribute act. Music aficionados can anticipate an exhilarating mix of DJ sets, with 90s icons Baby D and Alex Party joining forces with Defected Records’ Monki and Joel Mignott. This year’s festival boasts two stages, with Millennium Square hosting performances from 10:30am, dovetailing perfectly into the parade, and Lower Briggate taking the relay until 10pm.

A Day of Musical Diversity

Attendees can expect a diverse array of musical genres throughout the event. From dance anthems to pop sensations, Leeds Pride ensures a soundscape as varied as the community it serves. With performances split across two stages, the festival offers a seamless and immersive experience, balancing the high-octane energy of the parade with the exuberance of live music.

The Parade: A Symbol of Pride and Unity

The Parade’s Grand Departure

At the stroke of noon, Leeds will be enveloped in a kaleidoscope of color as the Pride parade embarks from outside the iconic Leeds Town Hall. Revelers will be treated to an unforgettable display as thousands march along The Headrow, down Vicar Lane, culminating at Lower Briggate. Those wishing to seize the best views are advised to arrive early and secure a prime location to witness the spectacle.

Participation on a Grand Scale

With participation from hundreds of organizations, this year’s procession is anticipated to be the largest yet. Notable parade entries include Jet2holidays and Sainsbury’s, with a diverse array of groups from Sky to First Bus also joining the march. The parade’s growth is a reflection of the widespread support for Leeds Pride, with opportunities still available for more to get involved and ensure the event remains accessible to all.

A Cavalcade of Celebratory Spirit

The parade is more than just a procession; it’s a moving exhibition of Leeds’ commitment to inclusivity and love. Each float and participant brings with them a story, a message of hope and equality that resonates through the heart of the city. As the parade weaves its path through Leeds, it unites spectators and participants alike in a shared celebration of identity and pride.

Expanding the Festivities Beyond the Parade

Enhancing Pride with Improved Facilities

In response to feedback, Leeds Pride 2024 will see enhancements to the city’s facilities, ensuring the comfort and enjoyment of all who attend. New bars and an expanded selection of street food vendors will be readily available, with Call Lane and Heatons Court being incorporated into the wider event space to accommodate the growing crowd.

A Prelude of Pride Events

In the days preceding the main event, Leeds will host a series of fringe activities. Everyman Cinema is set to screen the British classic film ‘Pride’ on Thursday, 18th July. Additionally, the festivities commence early with the Viaduct Street Party on Saturday, 20th July, offering a day filled with live performances and headlined by television icon Kim Woodburn.

More Than Just a Day

Leeds Pride is not confined to a singular day; it is a culmination of efforts and celebrations that encapsulate the city’s dedication to its LGBTQ+ community. From film screenings to street parties, the festival extends an open invitation to join in the build-up to a day that proudly stands for equality, love, and unity.

Leeds Pride 2024 promises an unforgettable experience, resplendent with entertainment, community spirit, and a message of love that resonates beyond the city’s borders. By converging a spectacular array of performances, a flamboyant and inclusive parade, and a wealth of activities that cater to all, the city is ready to host a Pride event that will be etched in the memories of attendees for years to come.

  • Leeds Pride 2024 is scheduled for Sunday, 21st July and will feature a vibrant parade, live performances by Sonique and Louisa Johnson, and street food vendors.
  • The festival, now in its 19th year, showcases Leeds’ commitment to LGBTQ+ community spirit and unity.
  • The lineup for Leeds Pride 2024 includes top-tier performers like Sonique and Louisa Johnson, as well as local drag acts and a Madonna tribute act.
  • The parade, starting at Leeds Town Hall and ending at Lower Briggate, is a symbol of pride and unity with participation from hundreds of organizations.
  • Beyond the parade, Leeds Pride 2024 will include fringe events like film screenings and street parties, all leading up to a celebration of equality, love, and unity.

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