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Leeds is undergoing major road improvements this summer, focusing on Armley Gyratory, Stanningley Bypass, and the A6120. The works include demolition of the A58 footbridge, pavement repairs on the A647, and widening of the A6120 with new cycleways, all aiming to enhance traffic flow and accessibility in the city.

What are the major highway works scheduled in Leeds during the school summer holidays?

Leeds will undergo major road improvements during the school summer holidays, focusing on the Armley Gyratory, Stanningley Bypass (A647), and the A6120 from Horsforth to Rodley. Key works include:

  • Demolition of Wellington Road A58 Footbridge on 27 July.
  • A647 pavement joint repairs and resurfacing starting 20 July.
  • A6120 widening, new cycleways, and footways beginning 24 July, ending by summer 2025.

Planning for Reduced Traffic Impact

The upcoming summer poses significant changes to Leeds’ road infrastructure, with major works set to commence around key areas during the school holidays. The timing of these works is strategic; aimed to align with the anticipated dip in traffic, thereby reducing the potential for widespread disruption. Leeds City Council has exhibited foresight by scheduling these major infrastructural enhancements at a time when roads are generally less congested.

The Armley Gyratory and Stanningley Bypass (A647), along with the Outer Ring Road A6120 from Horsforth to Rodley, are the primary focus areas. “The council works hard to ensure as little disruption as possible across our busy city,” states a council spokesperson. Key dates have been announced for the start of these works, and road users are advised to prepare for changes to their usual routes. Night-time lane closures, starting from 8 July to 21 July on Wellington Road (A58), will be followed by permanent lane closures from 22 July until the completion of the scheme. Additionally, night-time works on the A647 Outer Ring Road will be facilitating essential contraflow setups from 8 July.

Upcoming Works and Traffic Adjustments

Leeds’ road network is set to see a host of improvements, and the carefully coordinated plans indicate the scale of the city’s ambitions. Below is a summary of the impending works:

  • Wellington Road A58 Footbridge Demolition: Scheduled for 27 July, the demolition of the Wellington Road footbridge is part of the Armley Gyratory upgrade, marking the final phase in footbridge replacements around the gyratory.

  • Stanningley Bypass A647 Pavement Joints and Resurfacing: The bypass will undergo pavement joint repairs and resurfacing works, starting eastbound on 20 July, with a 30mph speed limit in place to ensure safety amid ongoing works.

  • Connecting West Leeds Project A6120: Commencing on 24 July, this extensive initiative will introduce highway widening, new cycleways, and footways, set to be completed by summer 2025.

The council’s strategic planning extends to synchronizing these works with other projects, such as the anticipated re-opening of the Marsh Lane tunnel ahead of the Armley Gyratory works. Moreover, the major scheme at Dawson’s Corner is poised for planning later in the year, contingent on a full business case review.

Detailed Look at Key Infrastructure Enhancements

An in-depth look at the infrastructure updates provides insight into the scale and scope of the works, highlighting the council’s commitment to modernization and accessibility improvements across the city’s transport network.

Armley Gyratory Wellington Road (A58) Footbridge

The Wellington Road footbridge over the Armley Gyratory is scheduled for removal, with works occurring between 27 and 29 July. As the last of three footbridges being upgraded, this move signals a leap towards more accessible pedestrian pathways. The new footbridge will feature a span of 43.5 metres and a width of three metres, accommodating improvements for disabled access and reducing future maintenance requirements.

Stanningley Bypass (A647) Contraflow and Diversions

The Stanningley Bypass will witness phased pavement joint repairs, necessitating a contraflow system to manage eastbound and westbound traffic, starting 20 July. Diversions will be signposted to aid motorists in navigating around the closures, emphasizing the need for added vigilance and adherence to the reduced 30mph speed limit.

Connecting West Leeds (A6120)

The A6120 project is a testament to the council’s dedication to alleviating congestion and enhancing the local infrastructure. With the initial works causing a reduction to a single lane northbound after the Horsforth roundabout, the focus is on minimizing queuing back towards Rodley roundabout. The council reassures that as the project advances, traffic management will be adjusted to lessen the impact on road users.

Councillor Jonathan Pryor, the deputy leader and executive member for economy, transport, and sustainable development, has expressed his satisfaction with the progress: “The team are working hard to minimise disruption by planning, co-ordinating and sequencing large highways schemes across Leeds.” Pryor also emphasizes the importance of the timely completion of the New York Road flyover bearings work, which will facilitate the reopening of the Marsh Lane tunnel ahead of the Armley Gyratory works.

For more detailed information and to view diversion maps, the public is encouraged to visit Leeds City Council’s Project Website.

Throughout the article, embedded images and maps would provide visual context and aid readers in understanding the scope of the traffic changes and infrastructure enhancements. These elements, combined with the detailed breakdown of schedules and works, are vital in ensuring that Leeds’ residents and visitors can navigate the city efficiently during the summer period.

Leeds City Council extends its gratitude to the community for their continued patience and cooperation as these vital works progress. Road users are reminded to plan their journeys in advance, follow the signed diversions, and to accommodate for potential delays.

  • Leeds is undergoing major road improvements this summer, focusing on Armley Gyratory, Stanningley Bypass, and the A6120.
  • Works include demolition of the A58 footbridge, pavement repairs on the A647, and widening of the A6120 with new cycleways.
  • Major works are strategically planned during school summer holidays to minimize traffic impact.
  • Key dates include demolition of the A58 footbridge on 27 July and A6120 widening starting on 24 July.
  • Detailed infrastructure enhancements aim to improve traffic flow and accessibility in Leeds.

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